PUPS is the Chicago UPS retiree organization. This site has links to almost everything UPS, IBT, labor, or retirement.
Updated monthly, DB is not just for Denver UPSers. DenverBrown has a wealth of information for all UPSers and is the only website following the development of PAS/EDD.   
The Teamster Union commisioned a health study of UPS package car drivers by the University of Illinois at Chicago. Read the full report  Available Only At NABER
The Big Brown Lie -UPSer's book about Brown's labor relations and the OSHA injury claim cover-up.  Yahoo CACHED pg.
UPSers' Who Are In The Courts
TDU (Teamsters for a Democtatic Union) is an activist organization. This website is a source for news about the Teamster Union and UPS labor relations with suggestions how teamsters can be invovled.
UPSer's website detailing how he was fired over a unwritten rule and how the union didn't properly represent him.
UPS drivers in CA. are suing the company for allegedly not paying drivers for all hours worked. 
Site to promote Human, Civil, and Workers' Rights.
N.A.B.E.R. Inc.
National Alliance of BROWN Employees and Retirees Inc.
OpenSecrets reveal money spent on lobbyists by UPS.
UPS's 2004 cycle contributions to Federal Candidates. See who UPS wants elected.
For Your Information
D.C. Labor Lawyers'  take on Labor and Government. Very Informative. 
Computer Stuff
Internet Explorer is not the only browser. 
Slimbrowser is faster and blocks pop-ups. 

Opera is the fastest browser, block pop-ups and is more secure.

Firefox is a Netscape-based browser and is safer and faster.

Not just another map program, a virtual look at our planet.

Free spyware remover.

Free online anti-virus scan.
The UPS Foundation donations for 1996-2000. Is UPS furthering an agenda through its donations? You be the judge.

The UPS Code of Business Conduct.
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Message Boards
AUD is a pro-labor, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of democratic trade unionism 
Drug Information

Oregon Research Project to study effectiveness of certain classes of drugs (i.e. statin, calcium channel blockers, NSAIDS, etc.).

Consumer Reports rated drugs on cost effectiveness.

AARP's "Choosing the Right Prescription Drug".

Visit, a searchable, online drug database that provides comprehensive information about 538 prescription drugs and warns of 181 drugs that are unsafe or ineffective. 
Independent Pilots' Association - UPS's pilots' uniion website..

Independent Website For Local 767 In Dallas.

New and Current 705 website! All union and UPS contract proposals are listed here.