P.U.P.S. Inc. is an Illinois based UPS retirees club. 

This club has helped the following UPS real people with real problems ascertain their benefits, and services and has been involved on numerous occasions since 1995 with great success. The following are just some of their accomplishments:

SAM CACCAVALLO - v - IBT 705 Pension Fund (96C1254)
Sam had over 30 years with UPS and was relegated to a 26 year pension benefit because Local union 705 would not accept retroactive contributions, resulting in a break in service and Sam’s filing suit after exhausting all administrative remedies.

PAUL MOUNTS was forced by the Local 705 Union and UPS to take a Disability Pension from the union while he was off on a workman’s compensation claim. The result was UPS was able to reduce his workman’s compensation by the amount of his disability pension. After the Union was put in trusteeship in 1993, Paul’s plight was brought to the attention of the new union leaders. With many appeals and much documentation Paul’s pension was increased to a 25 & out benefit with a large retroactive pension award. 

EDDIE DEMUMBRUM - v - IBT 705 Pension Fund
Eddie was off work on a workman’s compensation claim for a very long period of time. This resulted in his pension contributions by UPS to cease after 12 months, leaving Eddie short of enough contributions for a 25 & out pension. After many appeals and much effort, Eddie’s contributions were made up by UPS and reluctantly accepted by Local 705 as part of his settlement.


These 3 gentlemen intervened in the above class action suits combined with petitions containing 160 participants objecting to the settlement agreement (SA) as published. After appearing before the Special master, The Honorable Judge Frank McGarr, acting as the Special Master and the Honorable Judge Blanche M. Manning on numerous occasions the Judges decision was to cull out a 13 million dollar Settlement Agreement (SA) to be accorded AETNA. Her decision also resulted in closing the clinic built to handle 50,000 patients a year when only 5,000 patients were qualified to use it. The clinic was used as a piggy bank by the union, doctors, and officials.

UPS PARTICIPANTS - v - IBT 705 Pension Fund (98C7944) with PWBA/DOL
This case was the direct result of the Honorable Judge Blanche M. Manning’s decision to cull out the 13 Million-dollar settlement (SA). The thrust of this case was that the Health and Welfare and Pension Fund Trustees used a 401h maneuver that was not sanctioned by the IRS, to move over 16 million dollars from the Pension Fund over a 5 year period to shore up the failing Health and Welfare Fund and Piggy Bank (clinic). Our well-founded objections were that the bulk of the 16 million dollars were UPS contributions being used to subsidize the clinic UPSER’S couldn’t use because UPS provides our Health and Welfare Benefits in retirement. The result was a return of 16 million dollars plus 4 million dollars in interest and penalties to the Pension Fund. 

DOUG CHAPMAN - v -IBT 705 Pension Fund to get 10 Year Certain Pension; Doug retired in June of 1995 and reluctantly accepted a reduced 10-year certain pension benefit to a 5 year certain reciprocal pension from IBT Local’s 705 and 710. After many appeals and exhausting all administrative remedies Doug won an appeal with the help of the DOL/PWBA and IRS in 1997. 

705 WIDOWS - v - IBT 705 Pension Fund with DOL to get 10 year certain
At Doug’s final hearing to ascertain his 10 year certain pension benefit attended by his saintly wife Wanda, Doug requested the Trustees go back 10 tears and find all the widow’s that were cheated out of 5 years of their husband’s reciprocal pension benefit. The trustees failed to honor that request until they were forced to amend the plan by the DOL/PWBA investigator Jim Johnson who made sure all the widows were made whole. 

GEORGE BROWNLEE - v - IBT 705 Pension Fund to get Disability Pension
George Brownlee was denied his Union Disability Pension after 17 years of contributions, even though he was receiving Social Security Disability (SSDI). After many years of appeals and the threat of intervention by the DOL/PWBA, George finally received his deserved pension with retroactive payments.


All of the above IBT Local 705 UPS retirees retired before the 52 years of age requirement with 25 years service, and had their UPS Medical Coverage re-instated after exhausting all administrative remedies, when they reached the appropriate age of 52, with the help of the DOL/PWBA in Atlanta. 

705 WIDOW - v - IBT 705 Health and Welfare Fund with PWBA/DOL for Life Insurance Benefit;

This widow who shall remain anonymous was made to choose either her husband’s pension or the death benefit as he died before retirement. She was actually entitled to both. When Mr. Jim Johnson the investigator of the DOL/PWBA was informed of her plight, he mad a special trip to her home to get the details and he saw to it that she got the death benefit as well as 5 more years of her husband’s pension.

IRVING HARDING -v-UPS Medical Benefits after termination to ascertain vested medical coverage
HARRY STEWART -v-UPS Medical Benefits after termination to ascertain vested medical coverage 

The above two gentlemen were sacrificial lambs with the apparent intention of intimidating the rank and file to the utmost degree. Both were discharged under very suspicious circumstances and their Unions IAM Local 701 and IBT Local 705 failed in their attempts at re-instatement. So... IRV and HARRY decided to retire, only to find out that UPS with a lame excuse denied them their vested Medical Coverage in retirement on the premise that they were not employed when they applied for it. After exhausting all administrative remedies and help from the DOL/PWBA in Atlanta and a complaint to the Georgia State Bar Association an amazing turn of events occurred. IRV and HARRY were given their long earned vested medical benefits in retirement.

Medical choice for all current retirees included in the 2002 through 2008 contract after attending PCM’S;

Many months prior to negotiations for the 2002 through 2008 UPS contract with IBT Local 705, a group of retirees met with the then Secretary–Treasurer, Mr. ZERO and Mr. Nightwine his contract negotiator with great concern over the medical care issue for workers and retirees. UPS wanted to implement new coverage switching from an indemnity plan through AETNA to other options through Blue Cross Blue Shield. UPS held PCM’S in all the districts pushing the new coverage. They even sent a corporate executive named Randall Price to literally sell the new coverage to stewards and BA's. Mr. Zero did manage to see to it that all retirees were afforded the opportunity to choose the new coverage, or remain under the old plan, including those living out of state.

ALAN ARBUCKLE  et al.-v- Local 705 wth 5 other retiirees who were denied the BONUS that was instituted to garner votes for Zero in his election, because they retired before June 1st 2003. After Alan and the other retirees spoke at their appeal enmass hearing on 02/05/2004, they and 23 other retirees won the appeal resulting in $634,000 paid to everyone who reired after January 01, 2003 and were denied the BONUS.

PAUL MOUNTS, CARL KATARZYNSKI, DOUG CHAPMAN -v- UPS, received "DETERMINATION LETTERS" 09/29/2006, from John P. Rowe Regional Director of the EEOC validating their ADA,. ADEA, and Retaliation charges.

ALAN EDQUIST -v- UPS was an IAM Local 701 mechanic who was injured on the job and forced to retire was denied his earned medical coverage for him and his family until PUPS Inc. interevened and helped Al sort throuh the maze with an appeal resulting in his medical in retirement being reinstated.

JOE CADA -v- UPS because he didn't pay COBRA for several months was denied his earned medical coverage in retirement. PUPS Inc. intervened on Joe's behalf and after an appeal letter, Joe's medical was reinstated.

The above opinions, explanations and information has been provided by Douglas Page Chapman Sr. in order to help others in similar situations and can be documented with copies of letters to UPS, the DOL/PWBA, the Union, and other agencies. For further information, e-mail Doug at: REALADVOCATE

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