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My brother-in-law, a UPS driver for 25+ years, was diagnosed with diabetes about 15 years ago.  Yesterday he became insulin dependent.  If UPS fires him, what cases can he cite that support UPS having to return him to his driving position.  He drives only within the state of Oklahoma.The U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) dictates that insulin dependent diabetics can NOT work driving vehicles over 10,000 lbs. 
How To Apply For A DOT Diabetes Exemption
Further:UPS has won a court case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court, that essentially defined that insulin dependency is not a disability. This keeps firing ID Diabetics from being an ADA (Americans with Disability Act) violation. The ADA forces companies to make "accommodations" or make job transfers for employees that become unable to do their present job because of physical limitations.Years ago, UPS "took care of their own". Drivers unable to continue driving were given jobs as porters or other hourly inside jobs that didn't require a DOT physical certification.Today, that does not happen.
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You gotta love the moxie of Sarah's Mom to picket UPS in 2005.
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NABER recognizes that a lot of UPSers have questions about their employment and retirement but aren't getting "real" answers from HR or the union. HR, for example, is not going to tell you to get a lawyer or that the company is violating ERISA laws. Open forums aren't the answer either, because a lot of misinformation, name-calling, and bullying hinder the information flow. Many UPSers also wish to remain anonymous because of fear of retaliation. 

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What is UPS's Corporate Phone #?
sales leads?ups blew a one billion dollar deal with dhl.thank god i'am retired  from brown now.if i was a driver i wouldn't give them the time of day.i handed 3 leads in when working for brown.one month later a rep went to the customer.that's the sales reps job to get off there ass and look for leads.they go home at 4:00 on friday night.(the guy reps walk around the center before the am meeting with there hands in ther pockets.playing pocket pool.when the c.m. or div.mgr.are all walking around almost tempted to ask if they playing pool.)i  guess i should't of said that.30 years ago it was a good place to work.retired a year now,feel sorry for the one's that have to go 30 more years.
Yahoo did not let Microsoft buy them. Sun Microsystems did not become part of IBM. UPS did not take over DHL's US deliveries. It's all about dollars and cents. Who's to say exactly what the spread was? UPS has always been a tough negotiator.
CS and sales reps have always been slow about following up leads. 80% of their time is dealing with the largest 20% of shippers. And I've seen them blow 30,000 package/year shippers just because they refused to discount residental deliveries. Makes no sense to me.
I was retired by UPS back in 2004 for a permanent disability I suffered on the job. Since that time I have gone back to school and I am on the brink of graduating with a BS. My question is, now that I have completed my four years of college can I accept a part/full time or temporary white collar position? (One that will not interfere with my disability) Will I lose my pension if I take on the new job? I am under fifty year of age and I have just been offered a temporary position. How will working temporary effect my pension?
A lot depend on your disability.  If you are able to sit for 8 hours and perform work, then may no longer be considered disabled.  But if you lost an eye or leg you would still have a disability.  Not being able to pick up 70 pounds or to raise 50 pounds over shoulder height may make you unfit to work at UPS but does not eliminate you from the job world. Talk to an attorney who handles SSD and possibly has some experience with disability pensions in your area.
I have been fired for Dishonesty and Other seroius acts, I have been through a state hearing and they upheld discharge. I have never been dishonest with UPS and other serios acts are rediculous. What can I do from here? UPS can prove anything.
UPS is indeed in a position to prove anything and fire anybody with Telematics. Management believes every driver is dishonest. Management Good. Drivers Bad.
See http://blog.denverbrown.com/2009/03/22/a-lifetime-of-fear.aspx
how can I obtain a family medical leave form...my father is very ill & I want to send as much time as I can with him.  I have asked my center manager for the form but he said he doesn't have one???  Who can I call
Family leave is a employee right mandated by the federal government. If your manager is being such a d--- as not to help you, call corporate 404-828-6000 ask for employee benefits. You may want to file a grievance against the CM. He should be disciplined for not assisting you.  
Are ups drivers being fired for "SPORH" stops per hr on road especially older drivers? Ups is pushing production and performance to new levels and seems the union is behind the times. What legal avenues do I have?
Yes, NABER has heard of many drivers being disciplined and/or harassed about SPORH. It is a violation of the contract and in the case of older drivers may be age discrimination.  The usual solutions may apply in your case. File grievances with the union.  File a age discrimination complaint with the Dept. of Labor. Talk to an attorney who deals with employment law.  As long as most employee who experience these things keep sitting on their hands it will continue.
I am a UPS employee in **** Texas I used to be in ***** Texas and transfed over for feeders. I have heard about Oklahoma changing the local contract to company seniority rather than this screwed up mess that we have in the South West Region.  I heard that they went got a group together and went to the local meeting and got changed! Is there any info on this out there or can you be of any assistance.
NABER has not heard of it.  Please anyone who has info on this, send us an email.
ive been at ups for 6 yrs now working part-time.and since the hrs have gone down. ok our shift starts at 6pm.  we have 5 jobs upstairs. 3 in smalls and 2 in pickoff. Pickoff always ends before the small sort.normally smalls finishes 10 to 20 min later depending on how many are left. the main sort is done. pickoff is done now somebody with more senority come bump me and take my job because they want that 10/20 mins? 
Yes, they can bump you.
am I reading this right  from Central States.. COBRA continuing health coverage  full coverage is almost 300 dollars a week
or is that a typo
any reccomendations  for coverage more affordable
Probably anything you can buy is cheaper.  The real problem is that you don't want coverage to lapse. Pre-existing condition exemptions can kick in if coverage is to lapse.
if they have to lay off at our center i hope they start with preload.the drivers who will bump into preload know some routes which will be nice.at least they know the routes it will be easier for us drivers.be one way to fix problem with preload.talked with drivers in driver sort centers it sounds nice.no misloads or misroutes.this way if they cut routes they will load them better.hopeyou don't think i'am against preload?it get confusing when they cut routes.the drivers have a better idea.(i was a preloader years ago)the preload sup said there should be 10 of me.)
While seniority rules vary, "company seniority" is generally what dictates lay-offs. What you say does make a lot of sense, but when did good sense ever direct what happens on this job?
Why does Ups and teamsters get away with not hiring from on the street. It used to be a 6-1 ratio. I had made a mistake I drove for 11 years and was talked into management because I felt that I would never be able to go 12 more yrs. Everything was find cause I managed and extended center which we all got along because we help each other. We were open and together solved the problems that would arise. I was later talked in going to a larger center in Nor Cal and was amazed at the us and them attitude. I tried to get transferred into Idaho due to a fathers need and was turn down so I left after 17 years. I would like to be able get a teamster job so I can get the full benefit of the teamster retirement. Each time I went on line it denied me. Salt lake City Hr said no. I since wrote a letter to the CEO and got a response that I would be able to hire out. Question is I was Hourly went to management now back to hourly position. Being a teamster would I not have they right to hire back on the 6-1 ratio. I need to be hired out into the Pacific Coast pension but can not get a response from anyone.
UPS does not "have" to hire anyone off the street.  They are allowed to hire off the street in a 6-to-1 ratio.  Management likes to keep those hires "in their pocket" so they can hire someone off the street anytime they want.  Also, UPS has a policy not to rehire previous employes. Which they can break anytime they want because of "special circumstances."
If you were on the clock, you should be eligible.

Some pension plans have dropped reemployment restrictions. And yes, with healthcare coverage costing a third to a half of the pension payment to retirees, it has caused a squeeze play on retirees.  You could make the case that it is INTENDED to easy the burden on the pension plan itself.  Employees and retirees have no sayso or vote in pension plan decisions.  
military reserves on active duty at brown.i think it's a good thing.they should make up the differance in there pay and towards retirement plan.as far as medical insurance i don't think they need to while on active duty.when i was in the navy years ago there medical and dental insurance was better than ups.it's free.if i would of known then what i do know i wish i would of stayed in reserves and worked for brown to.(if i was 18 i would join up and stay 20years.)do you agree with me about brown?
Yes, it is good that UPS makes up the pay difference for reservists on active duty. But I can see that having UPS's insurance plan would be good for the families.
I was to be hired full time and now they say that wasnt in my appilcation but I do have copy stating differently,want to know what action I can take against them in this matter plus I had filed grievance and won both grievance but they didnt pay me my total back pay ,I do want to take legal action on all issue involed ,I do want to sue both UPS and teamsters til I reach retirement age, cause wants I persue this I will lose my job.There been giving me runaround with this bac pay which is still not settled.
So file another grievence and sue them, if that's your decision.
i had to stop working because of rhumatory arthritis in 1995. i have 19.5 years vested in my pension. i am permanently disabled and collect social security. am i entitled to a disability pension??
Not all pension plans have a disability provision. If it does you would likely be eligible because you are on SSDI.
I need some help or info. on what i can do. i'm a ups driver and i got hurt and ending up having shoulder surgrey. My doc gives me pain meds for it. So I got pulled over by a chp one night on my way back to the hub. The chp thought i was drinking and said i was being charged with a DUI. Then the chp went into the back of my truck and started going through my bag and found a pill in my med bottle with my name on it from my doc. It says us with caution, din't say don't drive well using. So after all that i called my sup and told him what happen and he laughed at me and said dude don't worrie you wont get fired, come on in. The next day i went to work, and the center manager pulled me into the office and said everything will be ok. Then said you have to go home, you can't work today. I was escorted out the hub. He didn't ask for my badge. He said he would call me. Days went by and no call from him. I tired to call him over and over and he didn't answer my calls. So that day after i was escorted out the hub i called my union rep. My union rep said the same thing everything should be ok, and i'll call you when i here from ups. I never got a call back. So ups sent out a discharge letter certerfied mail, which i never recieved or new about tell i went to panel. I said i never recieved it and the labor rep for ups said yes you did heres our copy it went to...... address and i said no that's not my address, it is ..... So i said why is it i got my final pay to the right address next day air. They told me it doesn't matter if i got it or not because they had there copy. So the next day i filled grievence about it. Nothing was said or done. Then i went to panel and my union rep told me i was fired. He did not try to defend me at all. After that i keep calling my rep about the grievence and he told me stop calling him, i'm wasting his time and to go find a new job. So i tired to contact the seccratery of tresaure sereval times and no luck. So i went down to the union hall to speak with him and they told me he was out. I waited around for an hour and he never came. So i don't know what to do now everyone keeps telling me not to give up. I hope you can give me some good info on what or where to go with this. Thanks for your time. 
Ever get the feeling you are not being told the whole story?  Was there a DUI conviction? If so, you were DUI (medications) while driving an UPS vehicle. That will get you fired.
If the 3rd (deciding) doctor says you are fit to work, UPS is supposed to let you return. Be ready to file a grievence, the company hasn't always abided by that decision.
I'm retired Feeder Driver(31Yrs). I retired under Central States in 2003. Am I now in the UPS/Teamster retirement Plan? If so why does my bank statement for direct deposit still reference my Pension as Central States Pension?
Unless you retired after the new contract became effective (Jan. 1, 2008), you are still in Central States Pension.
about a year and 3 months ago i filed for an acommadation to go from full to part time  due to disabilities menatally an physically/ i have worked at UPS 20 YRS  /MY DR RECOMMENDED 4-5 HRS A DAY/ i was just told they will finally accomadate me but after 6 pm / my paperwork states up til 6 -7pm for day hours/ the same manager who suggested the hrs is the same one who "terminated" me when my anxiety set in. i have a lawyer but because we are a "barginaing unit" they wont gaurentee me a postition/ they want to put me a 40+ employee with 20yrs in back to the hrs i finnally got away from plus put me loading in a truck/how far can they go in their business..the union is there but is UPS management all the way/any suggestions???i stronglly believe they are deliberately toying with my wellbeing its been a year + i just want to go to work before dark come home to a family who doesnt see their parent during the week dont forget if your a single parent day care closes at 6 pm  do they have extended daycare for us/nooo its not a family company at all  too bad /i wont throw away my 20 yrs for them// so tell me what can brown do for me
Most times, UPS won't make any accomodation. But do they have to create a job for you, with the hours you would like? No, they don't have to do that.
Do you have any cases of UPSERS that got the DOT exemption for being insulin dependent?  I am looking at insulin in the face and would like to have any helpful support I can find.  I did uncover a couple of cases where mechanics filed discrimination suits and got their jobs back.  They needed DOT cards to test vehicles for problems/repairs.  Once they got on insulin they lost their jobs, but did get them back.  Any help or knowledge on these?  Thanks
NABER has heard about a DOT exemption occurring in Ohio. But when we tried to track it down, we were unable to verify the report.
i am disabled, receve SSD, over 60. do i stll pay income tax on IRA distribution?
You always pay income tax on IRA distributions unless it is a Roth IRA. You may or may not pay the penalty depending on circumstances. See a income tax pro.
Hi.I've been working for UPS for almost 16 yrs now.A week ago I was injured on the job.UPS doctor placed me on light duty & said to wear my brace at all times at work.Three days later I was told to do a fod walk on the ramp.After about a half hour I returned to the office to inform my full time sup that my hand was going numb (couldn't fit glove over or under brace & it's damn cold in Philly in January).I was told that's not his concern.He's no doctor.I need to discuss that with my doctor.That's all fine & good except it didn't answer what I was  suppose to do about my hand that particular night.Believe it or not,my shop stuart's advice was to just take the brace off for a bit so I could pick the trash up off the ramp.What????If I take the brace off & injure my hand further,UPS will say that I went against doctors orders.Needless to say i have an appointment with an lawyer this afternoon.I also have my hearing with UPS on Wensday.Sad thing is that after all these years with this company,i'm not sure I want to go back.All the harassment & daily B.S. that we employees go through just isn't worth the money.Even for a fulltime art.22 employee like me.Alot of people would say i'm crazy for even considering walking away from my job.To these people I say,if you don't work for them you really have no clue.so although I really don't have a question,i felt the need to vent.I hope you don't mind.Thank you.
Folks need to hear the stories so they don't repeat them.
My husband lost his cdl years ago due to being insulin dependant. If he is now able to control his sugar by diet and oral meds, can he recieve a cdl license again?
He is not currently insulin dependant, so he should be able to get a cdl.
a year ago i got a route i live on.i love the route.the people are nice.the driver who had it before had it 25 years.people liked him.there are somethings the old driver did i won't do.he had about 10 stops he wouldn't carry his diad board in.they are busy he  would cover there name for them.one stop is next day air the guy said sign my name before 10;30 del the rest when you get here.itold him to call the c.m. and tell it's ok to del.late.course he would get an extra stop also.pick ups go he would pick up out of 25 15 0r 20 on area but would put down after 2:30.in the old days the sups tiurned there backs on thigs like that.he told me before they started scaning every package in the center.years ago on friday night the reload sup never saw anything.20 years ago some drivers sups would leave early on friday.it might of been ok years ago.but i feel safer getting every one to sign.make pick ups starting at 2:30.del next day air by 10:00.do you think i'am right?in the good old days they could door knob etc.heard all kinds of stories.today i feel safe covering my a__.what's your answer?
You are so right. Things have changed. First and foremost, technology has changed.  Management has changed, mostly because IE has forced them to change. 
NABER recently received an email from a driver who was fired because his delivery records were compared to his GPS records. He couldn't have "stop completed" deliveries when he said he did. The GPS said he was miles away.  It probably is possible to automate the process of comparing delivery records to GPS locations. Every delivery could be checked against the DIAD's GPS.  It could get to the point that management could tell if a driver stood at the delivery point long enough to even get a signature.  This information could/would be used to get rid of almost any driver that management wanted to. Future DIADs could incorporate cameras to record the image of the consignee signing or the location of a pickup being completed.  
Doesn't it seem like management want drivers to be almost robotic, another piece of equipment to be recycled (let go) after its usefulness has ended?
Do you retain your seniority when you file for worker's compensation?
Yes. If you are off work more than 6 months, Teamster Locals rules vary.
i was injured at my current employer and filed a claim. i have since found another job. will workers comp still pay for my doctor appointments
Probably not. Unless you have a workers' comp settlement that specifies them to pay.
This is definitely  a question beyond the scope of this website. But to learn more about this I suggest Wikipedia's article as a starting place.
 I recently retired from ups because of a work related disability. I am getting medicare. Next year I will be eligable for my insurance under my retirement. Being as I am on medicare will I be able to get retirement insurance and one be primary and one secondary so as my family can have insurance again. Or can my wife just get insurance under my plan.
Medicare will be your primary insurer. Your family will be covered by your retiree insurance.  
Prescriptions, dental, and eye care  for you and family will be covered by your retiree insurance, if these coverages are provided under your retirement plan. Don't think your wife would be allowed to buy coverage alone without you (the retiree) being covered.
There are just too many retiree plans right now, to make a lot of definative statements about coverage._________________________________________________________________________________
having problems with preloader.puts airs in the loads.he has been warned.i have even requested a new loader.the other driver has problems to.but doesn't say anything.next time loader may get a warning.do you think i should del. an air late on purpose so he can get suspended?or what?if he can't handle it get rid of him.
You must be mistaken PAS has eliminated "airs in the load". Yeah, right. No, don't deliberately deliver an air late. Document every air in the load and not by sending the center a message. Hand the center manager (and possibly the union steward) a piece of paper with the date, address, and time found of every air found in the load. Don't expect him to like it, but he will do something about it just to protect his butt. 
They tried to give a F/T driver (in Pennsylvania... and the guy they did it to used to be our union steward!!) TAW pay at $8.50 per hour.  His rate is over $28.  He would show up for TAW and he filled a grievance.  They tried to give him a 20 day susp.  He got 5 day susp but also got his right pay rate will on TAW.
Not sure why he got a suspension, but standing up for his rights got him $20/hr. more pay. The email below shows what can happen if you don't know or fight for your rights.
I was terminated from UPS in Sioux Falls SD in July of 2008.   Myself and another employee had the same signed agreement thru the union and management.  The terms of our probation were No being late, No call no show or missing work.  PERIOD.. We waived our rights to file a greivence.  If we were late for work within the next 9 month probation period there was no filing a greivence, no second chance, instant termination, Fired for good dont call the union, dont come back..   Needless to say when I oversleept on July 25,2008.  my employment was over.  I didnt contact the union because of the terms of our probation.  The other employee was late October 10th he went to the union and management gave him his job back 3 days later he was back to work.   Do I have any ground for recourse??
I don't know why UPSers sign these "agreements". Or perhaps the question should be why does the union let them sign. There are many incidents where the termination based on these agreements are overturned. The collective bargaining agreement takes precedent over these personal agreements.  To simplify it a bit: If you signed an agreement to work without overtime and be paid straight time for all hours worked. The union would have to enforce the contract if you complained to them.
The second part of the question, 'Is it too late?' Probably... but it costs you nothing to ask. File a grievence with the union. Your steward should have informed you to do this. Also, you have 180 days to file a complaint with the Department of Labor.  You were duped into giving up your job.
18 years with u.p.s.still in my mid 40s in age.do i have a choice of
pension? disability,contribution, or anything else. i am disabled
through the social security administration, i just dont know what all my
options are! workers comp case has been settled.
                        THANK YOU
I forwarded this question to someone more knowledgeable than I. His response:
Another sad disability case?  Apparently he has resigned as part of his settlement?  Bad move unless absolutely necessary?
First off he does not mention how many part-time years, is he management or union?
If he is union, he needs to check the Pension Plan Documents to see if there is a disability pension?  Usually, there is and it could be based on 10 years or  15 years as a participant? It would be payable now, however it probably would not be much? He has passed the litmus test by receiving SSDI, if that's any consolation?
In either case, he is vested and will be entitled to a pension at 65, that's 25 years from now with 2008 dollars?  Won't be much?
He DOES NOT qualify for a 20 year deferred pension, which wouldn't be much either?
If he's union, depending on what Local, he probably has never requested a Pension Determination Request?  He needs to do it now in any case, just for the documentation needed in the future. If he has part-time years under 5, he doesn't qualify for a reciprocal pension at 65. I doubt that reciprocal pensions are given for a disability pension?
More information would be helpful, but... the above should suffice?

 2nd time around, i will try to be more specific. i have 18 years in at ups.i got hurt back in 1999, in 2002 i gave up. could no longer do the work as a full time driver. i was on comp between 1999&2002. ups wanted full release from doctor about no restrictions. did not happen.(I am also trying to follow class action suit with ada act)i never had any part time work with ups. i was always full time driver from 1984 thru 2002.i took a disabilty pension.my question is, there any other type of pension that i could have taken that would pay more then the disabilty pension? i am also getting ssd pymts. 
      THANK YOU!  p.s. is there any new news about class action suit
against u.p.s. with the ada act,about returning with no doctor restrictions?  thanks again for your time!
Without at least 25 years of service, a disability pension was your only option for an early pension. The last news about the ADA class action brought by Scott and Scott is that a judge allowed the suit to be a class action. http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/laborprof_blog/files/pr_newswire.pdf
If you want to be included in the lawsuit, Scott and Scott should be contacted.
Your site sounds very ignorant and biased.  You call safety a "joke", do you know management is to report any and every injury to it's CHSP comitee.  ANY head injury is to be taken very seriously and even a little bump will be taken to the clinic where a doctor will give his unbiased diagnosis.  I and so many others like me have built personal relationships with our employees and do not want to see them hurt just like we would not want to see our own friends hurt.  And how many other companies offer full time benefits to part time employees.  The average health care plan is around 13k, which is more then these employees could every pay for with any part time wages.  UPS wants to see its people develop and take pride in what they do, that is the real future of the company.  That is the biggest difference i see in the average union to management personel, if you you where really honest with yourself you would agree there are people who come in just looking for the easy buck and do as little as possible, i ask you how is a company to prosper and provide for its hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, and be able to give so much to charitable orginizations with everyone kicking back and doing as little as possible...sitting on a tug playing cards 75% of the time, drivers comming into preload early on the clock sleeping in their cars for hours, employees throwing fragile packages down or tossing around human tissue or heart vaulves that are on their way to a childrens hospital?  How quickly some forget that UPS pays them NOT the union, I want to see everyone take some pride in where they work not just use what is to their benefit and complain to everything that is not.  This is not a perfect world, not all employees are perfect and not all management is perfect.  Do not however paint the picture that the company that pays you and provides superior health care to your families is only out for themselves, if UPS was so money hungry and did'nt care why would we be the biggest contributor to United Way, or provide free turkeys every year to all of its employees, or ANY time someone complains of an injury take them to our clinic and pay millions for those who are injured, You act as if the employees have no controll over their actions...The only thing we all have controll over is our own behavior,  Management can do everything within its power, we can provide all the safety aids in the world, we can provide all the knowledege...We can give web tests, read safety calanders, pcms specific to certain times of the year or particular work enviroments, we can put load stands right in front of them, shepherds hooks, communicate with p.e. (also union) to fix any hazards, provide hazmat training...all the things you say are a joke....but we cannot watch every person every minute of the day...when all is said and done we provide comprehensive safety training to adults...we provide them with the tools and training, the highest percent of the injuries are by those who do not use what we provide or do not follow the methods taught.  I will speak further more but i have worked a long day, I have supervised my employees keeping their safety in mind another day with all positive relationships held in tact, at the same time kept service to the costomers(why we all have jobs or have had jobs) to the highest level I can.  I hope one day everyone can take as much pride as I do in an HONEST days work, I can now go to sleep happy and fulfilled that I stopped unsafe behaviors another day, I have fairly paid my people, i have represented UPS well, and I have stayed within the guidlines of the contract. I am the average UPSer management or non that works as hard as they can everyday. I am not the heartless production only monster you illistrate nor do i condone or tolerate the laxidazical place of buisness it would be if some had thier way.  I respect those like me who give all they can everyday.  REMEMBER respect is not free it is earned.  I am glad most of my union employees do not share your point of view.  We are all individuals who should be treated as such, some indivduals deserve respect from their hard work either manual or mental and some who want to just do the very least they can to collect that pay check deserve just that...the minimum...
So much to comment on... This website presents the other side of the UPS story. To borrow a phrase from DenverBrown.com, "From the Driver's side". That doesn't make it bias which implies some sort of injustice in reporting.  One wouldn't call UPS.com (or UPSers.com) bias, just slanted to their opinion. 
I had my CHSP jacket on this morning, been a member for 9.5 years. Also, I was a member of the "Safety Committee" years ago before the company came up with this CHSP scheme to comply with OSHA.  UPS has 104 facilities (last year) with  unusally high injuy rates.  The Department of Labor sent them a warning letter. It probably would have be even higher except that TAW lowers the number of "lost work days" but not the number of workers sustaining injury.  For many years UPS had over 400 facilities on the Dept. of Labor's list (least best). Did you know that? 
In Florida, a UPSer plaintif "introduced an e-mail ... by the package division manager for South Florida. The e-mail complained about the high incidence of “injury repeaters” and instructed managers and supervisors to monitor these employees and get them to improve their safety and work habits or to discharge them." The court awarded $6mil. 
In Kansas City, a UPSer was awarded $2.63mil. “We were able to show the outrageous and brazen fashion in which UPS retaliated against Mr. Jones through evidence of, among other things, repeatedly and admittedly sabotaging his efforts to return to work after he filed a workers’ compensation claim", according to his lawyer. 
UPSers are some of the hardest working individuals out there. Your email implies that they are lazy.  Shame on you. 
I want file msrepresenation charges against the union.
First and most importantly...the plaintiff (you) must show both that the employer violated the terms of the collective-bargaining agreement and that the union breached its duty of fair representation. 
That being said,check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duty_of_fair_representation and   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unfair_labor_practice 
First, you file internal charges against whomever at the local level, with the Unions Executive board  and what ever Joint Council has jurisdiction as a formality.  (They won't find cause.)
Second, you file more detailed charges against whomever, with the International. 
Third, you file charges with the NLRB for lack of proper union representation. 
Fourth, you contact the DOL/OLMS and file a complaint of unfair representation and violations of the LMRDA.
If all of the above don't get one some satisfaction, then you can file a lawsuit with an attorney who knows Labor Law, a 301h complaint, but only after exhausting both one and two above.  In any case it ain't easy? I never had to go any further than the NLRB?  That being said, the NLRB WILL NOT accept a complaint made by a retiree because of a Supreme Court decision made in 1973 between a coal miner and the UCMU. 
Depending on the violation, sometimes you can file charges en mass as they did in Chicago over the Bonus issue in 2003, and the Crosstown trailer movement Liguorotis allowed in 1976. Doing so in petition form goes a long way towards winning? 
In any case the procedure for exhausting al administrative remedies should be spelled out in the Locals by-laws (If not its in the International Constitution).  Also, it would be unwise to do any of the above unless one has dates, times, places, names, etc, that helps prove one's case. 
Even then its possible to lose a case in Federal Court. Then the union and company if they are named can sue one for Court costs and attorney fees, as happened in the Rian Davis -v- Local 705 and United Parcel Service,  01 C 5047, before the Honorable Susan B. Conlon._________________________________________________________________________________
ING Institutional Plan Services now is the provider for the UPS/Teamster 401k plan, not State Street. I would go to the website and start over. https://teamsterups.csplans.com/csportal/welcome.do
I think your question is 'Can I buy UPS stock through the employee plan?'  When you are on a pension (any kind) you are not an employee. UPS actually uses the word "terminated" to describe pensioners, even if they had 30 years in and retired under normal conditions. Kinda insulting, huh? But to answer your question, no you can't buy through the employee stock purchase plan.
about tdu;1.vacation drivers have driven 2 years and not in pension plans.(if tdu pres.they would of been in after 30days.2.3.company could not fire drivers for one accident.4.there would be med ins.for all retirees  over 65. anything over 9.50 would be overtime.
things would change it might take some brown flu days to do it.plus drivers who work off the clock would get a warning letters.this is what i have figured out about tdu.my opion.what is your input?
Why, why, why me? 1.Pension plans are pretty much governed by ERISA. It takes 5 years to become 100% vested. ERISA FAQ.  2.3. The company generally doesn't fire a driver for 1 accident. 4.There was a U.S. Supreme Court decision that companies don't have to provide retirees over 65 with insurance. 5. Anthing over 8 hours IS overtime. Do you mean double time over 9.5 hours?
A new president (TDU or not) doesn't change the collective bargaining agreement. That's locked in for years.  When Jim Cramer comes on his show (CNBC's Mad Money) and says the Teamsters got pantsed,  it does indicate that even outsiders realize that UPS got a better deal than it should. Yet, Chicago Local 705 got a way better agreement that the National CBA. It can be done.
One of the frustrations of writing this column for 5 years has been that UPSers don't generally stand up for themselves or for their co-workers (by testifying in court or hearings).  I don't think that the apathy and fear is going to change even if TDU ran the International and every local. In the long run, that is the change that needs to happen.  Workers have to stick together, not just looking out for their own interests/
When activists make the union accountable, when the majority of workers get behind these activists, that's when change will happen.  When the union actually protects the workers rights instead of using back room deals, change will happen. Is TDU the agent of change? I truely doubt it. They had their chance in the 90's. Is a new union going to disenfranchise the Teamsters? Not likely either.  Making "pie in the sky" promises may fool some of the people but most won't act on it anyway.
what happens to a ups'ers pension when he gets fired
The pension (whether it is from UPS or the Teamsters) is governed by ERISA laws. You are able to start receiving your pension at normal retirement age (currently 65). Your pension is locked it at the rate when you left the company. For instance, your pension may be $100/per month/per year of full time service. But this rate varies depending on local and position. You won't receive any pensions increases that have been made after your termination or that will be included in future collective bargaining agreements.
Dear sir, my e-mail address is up and working it is ******** when I e-mailed or wrote on your site.I guess I was looking for some direction a number some hope but You have showed me Im on my own in this.The email given is named after my 6.5 year old son who passed into the heavens after a 2 year BATTLE with cancer.I am very deppressed and just thought I should thank you for your answer.Also If I am ever able to attend college I ll remember your kind words 
This is in regards to the guy you told,"Lack of communication skills will hinder you the rest of your life."  He has great communication skills, but maybe not the best typist.  I think everyone has their flaws.  I believe he was just looking for guidance, since that is what this site is for.  Not necessarily looking for an english major, just a little help.  I myself have problems with where commas, etc. go, does that make me a loser for the rest of my life?  He has always made a killing in car sales, but wanted something different, with good benefits.  Maybe the email didn't work because he was rushing to type and didn't proof read it.  That's my personal opinion.  Don't get offended. 
I have big shoulders, it wasn't my intention to offend. I answered that email against the opinion of others to ignore the email (below in blue).  His second email shows that he can communicate.  Without a doubt, he was given poor advice by the union, ie: not to go to the company referred doctor. Ane where was the union when he was interrogated? He has a lawyer who should be targetting going after workers' compensation and not short-term disability. This was after all a work related injury. The harassment he is now receiving should be communicated to the attorney. If a skid was thrown at him (or in his direction) by a supervisor, it would be in violation of the zero tolerance policy for physical violance. Again, he needs to communicate that to his attorney. Also the response by HR that the incident didn't matter if he is not returning to work is ludicrous. It implies a complicity between the human resource department and management. Again his attorney needs to be informed of HR's response. Also, I certainly hope that a grievence has been filed with the union. 
The process is slow, co-workers are reluctant to testify, and these type of events are repeated on a too regular basis. But he has a lawyer and at this point, that is probably the best he can do.
File a grievance. Make them prove the overpayment. Stretch repayments as long as possible. Quit. There really is no good answer for these types of problems.
is it true i marion il afew month's ago a driver was arrested for having sex with underage girls ...
Don't know anything factual about this alleged arrest, but it is being discussed at other websites. (NABER edited this query that rambled on and on.)
What are the policy's at UPS on facial piercings?
Employees that have contact with the public can have earrings. But the reality is: that the entire dress code seems be enforced with variation depending on the manager. Long sideburns and moustaches and very tiny nose piercings seem to be allowed in some locations.
Hi i would really like known ,if you could help me .i was awarded totatly disabled .and collecting ,and also  i am getting workmans com which off sets my social security.but i am getting medicare also , i worked 22 years and had a back sergury .i am still waiting for my pension .will comp settle when medicare kicks in ....
There are a lot of variables involved here and I hope you have legal representation so you don't get screwed on the WC settlement. That being said, the comp settlement can happen at any point, but it may be best to wait until the smoke settles on medical pension, SS, and medicare. The company should still be responsible for the medical costs relating to the injury. Medicare should pickup all other medical cost because you can no longer work. Social Security Disability will be offset by continuing comp income.  But a lump sum comp settlement is another variable.
If you become pregnant while you are collecting workmen's comp for a back injury,what will happen in this situation?
WC will continue until the time that you would have been able to return to work, if you weren't pregnant.  After that point, normal FMLA rules will apply. After the 12 weeks of FMLA runs out, you would be on pregnancy leave without pay.
Pensions are taxed as regular income by the feds. Withholding is your decision, one that should be discussed with a tax preparer. If you do your own taxes, somewhere between 10-20%, might be a good place to start.
i think the ups union people should consider joining teamster for a democratic union.(tdu).it's time
we elect a leader that will have the membership run the union.
Ron Carey, backed by TDU, won the Teamster presidency in 1991 and served until he was ousted (in late 1997) because of campaign finance violations of people under him.  TDU was implicated (but not ever convicted) in the money laundering into Carey's campaign.  TDU's strength and trust by the rank and file members was never the same. 
It is believed, by some, that James Hoffa will not run again as president of the Teamsters. A reform candidate would have a better chance winning against Hoffa's replacement (likely Ken Hall).  To get elected, a reform candidate would need a wide backing (not just UPSers), charisma, money, and a proven record.  
i hurt my back at work.  ive been out of work for 3 weeks my employer has paied all the medical bills.  i went back to my doctor and he says i have to be out of work for another 3 weeks.  can my employer fire me at anytime of me being out of work.  or can he fire me after i return back to work
NABER keeps answering this question time and again. An employer can't fire you for having an accident. But it does happen all the time.
can I drive a package car if i am insulin dependent
One needs a DOT medical card to drive a package car. In general, you cannot be insulin dependent. There is a DOT exemption, but they are rare and can take up to 6 months.
Hi I work at the brown curtain in louisville wff.I got hurt my boss that I reported it to said since I didnt turn it in that day to put the injury on my insurance something didnt seem right to me so I went to hospital and reported it as work related.Then I was sit down intergated for two hours with out pay sent to baptistwox for two months they ref me to ortho dr who the union and the att said dont go to there doctors so stdd turn me down and hr coded me as being on personal leave long and short they have canceled my insurance ive been off since may its now july .Ive had to sell my car to make my house pymnt Ive not received any wcomp money and my attorney says I need to hire another attorney to appeal std .What a joke this is to the highest heights of nuts!I went back to work one day was treated like a dogg yelled at threatened the operations mgr thru a skid off a table near me .tryed to report to hr and they said they wouldnt worry about any of that only if i where coming back to work .Is this for real or am i dreamin when i came out of training the OManger said to the 10 people in my training class if you think your going to move up here quick get out now.I wish i had listened to my gut and sprinted out of that building the worst mistake i ever made now im hurt and ups could give a sh__ ! about me or my family how saD this is the short side of this whole drama im in.
This is a sad story on many levels. The lessons to be learned are: Report injuries when they happen. Don't let a supervisor write the accident report for you. Insist on a union steward to be in the room when you are interrogated. Report acts of violence by management toward you. And please don't be offended but, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you to go back to school. The lack of communication skills will hinder you the rest of your life. Even the email address you gave, didn't work.
if a company gives a driver a check it said ok to take a check and bounces it's the driver to blame.i got news for them i won't sign anything about payroll dections.until i talk with a lawyer and national grieves has heard my case. i don't sign anything exceptmy time card car condition report and paycheck.if they tell me to sign payroll slip i will say i refuse.
Listen up. A driver is this situation has already gone to the National Grievance Board. They made the driver 50% liable for the bounced check. He was locked out of working until he signed for the payroll deduction. Unless there are thousands of dollars involved, a lawyer isn't going to take the case.  The best court action might be taking the company that cut the bad check to small claims court.  Call the local tv news to let them know of the injustice.
The Teamsters have already sold out the driver on this one and set a bad precedent for any future grievances on this issue.
hi,i am ****, a feeder driver out of ****,ct.have a BIG PROBLEM but my buss. agent insists i bow to company demands even though i did nothing wrong.in the past on this issue i was out of work for 10 months.i have contacted the i'ntl in d.c.,but no help.i can prove failure to represent but no one will listen,anyone out there help me?
It sounds like you may have a 301h complaint. But without more information, it is impossible to answer you. Send us your contact info and we can have someone who has gone through the process contact you
I hurt my back 9 months ago. I've been working off and on sence. I was told if I sued. then I would have to give my notice. If I take what they offer me. And give my notice, Then I won't be able to get a job anywhere else because of my restrictions. what shall I do?
Employers can't make you quit because you file a workers' comp claim. GET A LAWYER.
can my employer terminate me after you file a lawsuit against my employer for unpaid workers compensation in Chicago
Termination after filing a workers comp claim can be RETALLIATION.  Filing a claim of course doesn't protect you from termination because of stealing or insubordination.
if im injured at work and my employer pays the medical bills and then offers me five thousand dollars to settle the case is that accepting liability
Not sure if I understand the question...If you accept a blanket settlement, the employer is compensating you for any lost income, any suffering you experienced, and any future medical bills.  Of course, the settlement can also make the company bear the responsibility for any future medical bills related to this injury. And the settlement should hold you harmless for reimbursing the workers' comp carrier. 
Is there a company policy through UPS that can be used to combat production harrassment? I know that ART. 36,37, and 66 can be grieved. I'm just courious.
The quick and dirty answer is no. "The fair days' work for a fair days' pay" is definitely open to interpretation. Most of the words of founder Jim Casey have systemically been tossed aside. UPS (as well as other companies) have won the court battles that "Company Policy" statements are not legally binding to that company. "UPS has clear workplace policies and practices... to ensure all employees are treated with respect and dignity."  That would seem to disallow harassment.  
In addition to this policy, workplace harassment is forbidden by the National Teamster Agreement. But (in many areas) the Teamsters are ineffective and unmotivated in preventing workplace harassment. The cards are clearly stacked against the employee. Industrial Engineering dictates to Operations how many drivers and how quickly they must work. Nevermind the fact that there have not been recent timestudies of workareas in which to accurately gauge the amount of work that can be safely done in a given time.  No attention is given that there has never been an independent timestudy but rather biased timestudies that kept the carrot  (being under the time allowance) just beyond the reach. 
"Develop relationships with your customers."  How is that possible, given the gerryrigging of routes and the lack of an allowance of time to discuss customer needs and possible sales leads with them? It's easier just to 'run and gun', be borderline rude and uncaring, just get it done,  And hope that you are close enough to fly under the radar that day.
I just recently employeed with UPS and  I am intrested in transferring.. I am afraid I will be introuble for asking. is there any legnth of time that I have to be employeed at that UPS before I can transferr to another..?
UPS does not allow transfers for hourly personnel.  You can only reapply at the new location. Of course, UPS also has a policy of not rehiring former employees. That policy is broken all the time when students return for peak and summer employment.
 My husband has 22 years with brown  were getting divorced can we do pension sharing with his defined benefit plan . Could i take a lump sum . Whats my best option for a clean break.?
NABER gets a question like this every 6 months or so. As usual we must stress you discuss this with your attorney as the laws vary.  Assets in a marriage need to be split. Pensions that were earned by either partner (while they were married) are in effect compensation earned while married but paid at some future date (in retirement).  There are no lump sum pension terms available for any UPS pension that NABER has heard about.
While the pension can be split when your husband retires, this is not always the best solution.  Your husband could pass away before retirement in which case you would receive no benefits because you will no longer be eligible for a widow's pension. Your husband could delay taking his pension as long as he chooses. In fact, he may want to work a few more years to build up his pension credits since some of the pension will be going to you.
You both might benefit if you can negotiate a buyout.  That is, if you took a greater % of other assets to compensate for your husband getting his entire pension when he retires. In previous years, I have recommended trading house equity for pension equity. This was easier before house values dropped. Realize too, that present value of the pension is worth less than the value it will have in the future (and spread over time). 
  • For example, if you were married 10 of the years that he worked at UPS and his pension is $100/month/year of service, your half would be $500/month. If he gets his pension at 65 (normal retirement age) and lives until he is 80, you would receive $90,000. But if you received $45,000 today and invested it at 5% it would be worth $90,000 in about 12 years and 10 months. This is how, in general, present value of future assets is determined.
i'am a preloader and load three trucks.one driver always complains about his load or next day air gets mixed in the loads.i'am doing the best i can.preload sup is always on my back.the next time they say anything to me i may do 2or3things.1.just tell him i refuse to load 3 trucks?or have all loaders get together some morning take them by suprise everyone call in sick?just pretend i'am going to lose my temper with driver or preload sup tell them to back off?what should i do?show them i"am not going to be pushed around?i was sick one morning but came to work.the next time i call in sick they try to talk me into it i'am going to say i'am sick just hang up.and come in the next day.
Let's analyse this for a moment. Refuse to load the 3 trucks, you'll get fired. Organize a "Brown Out" of preloaders, you'll all get fired. Lose your temper at you preload sup, you'll get fired if you touch him, so keep your hands in your pockets. If you are so hell-bent on getting fired, you would be better off quitting.  
If you want to keep your job, get your union steward and have a meeting with the manager.  Tell the manager that you are doing your best and that the preload sup riding you makes the matter worse. Should you expect a radical change that lasts more than a couple days after the meeting? Probably not. Quitting is better than getting fired. In the meantime, you can always be looking for a new and better job. But if you were hoping to get a full-time job, realize that it isn't any better being a driver. (See the following email from a driver of similar temperment.)
Why combining 3 routes to make 1? Why so much dispatch favortism? Why aren't 1 set rules for everyone at UPS? Why the lie of loosing business? Management has created a hostile environment thats getting very volitale.
To "make the numbers". 
Management treats employees who "make the numbers" better than those who don't.
Same as above.
To motivate employees to "make the numbers" by fear of losing job.
Management doesn't care if its hostile as long as employees "make the numbers."

Things ("making the numbers") haven't changed in 35 or 40 years. Expect management to tighten the thumbscrew a little bit each year. Expect the union to get weaker every year. (There are a few exceptions.) Expect fewer and fewer drivers to last until retirement.
I'm the wife of a UPS employee in Delaware, who has worked for UPS since 2000. Today I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for oral contraceptives only to find out that my coverage termed yesterday. No notification was mailed stating the change in coverage. Could you please advise me on how to proceed with either reimbursement of $68.00 for 28 pills. More ideally, I would like to see that contraceptives are covered again. Thank you.
Add Delaware to the list of states that UPS no longer covers contraceptives. The company has also been cutting coverage for PAP Smears and Mammograms. The tactic has been to cut coverage one district/area at a time.  NABER believes that this tactic keeps women employees/spouses from forming a large organized protest.  NABER has been informing UPSers about this issue since 2004. SEE INSURANCE PAGE  
It's interesting that the EEOC affirmed contraceptive coverage in the year 2000, yet are not enforcing the decision made in federal court. Also the company is required, by federal law, to notify participants in the plan of a substantial change in coverage. Healthcare Coverage is a part of a contractually agreement. Yet, the Teamster refuse to get involved.
But to answer your question: The "how to" file a benefit appeal is detailled on the INSURANCE PAGE.
where can NYS UPS employees (drivers), purchase disability insurance? thanks
Considering the number of drivers that get injured/disabled, disability insurance is a wise move. Assuming that you have decided to forgo UPS's Long Term Disability insurance, you have a lot of choices. GOOGLE SEARCH LINK   What % of income will you need to survive? Do you want to have a wait period until UPS's short term disability insurance runs out? (What if you are denied the short term benefit? I had a work injury and was denied both workers comp and STD.) What are you willing to spend? Like any insurance, rates vary from state to state, so there is no "right" answer. Shop around.
Where do you go to find information on the pension and how
 it'd doing?
Once a year, by Federal law, a pension plan must send all participants (employees and retirees covered by the plan) a summary of plan statement which includes the percentage a pension plan is funded. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase the full financial statement. 
I am a 29 year old white male employed with United Parcel
 Service nonunion for over 2 years. Throughout my career with UPS I have
 maintained an above average employee appraisal. I have also extended
 myself beyond my normal job responsibilities as being elected team
 ambassador by my co-workers to represent our needs and concerns to management. I
 have always fostered a positive attitude towards change, and have
 maintained an excellent relationship with my co-workers and higher
 management... our site was to receive a visitor from our
 corporate location, the visitor serves on the UPS Board of Directors with
 Business Development. Each supervisor within my department was to pick
 the best individual to serve as a member of a focus group and discuss our
 departments processes and procedures. This not only was an opportunity
 to discuss relevant issues that our department faces, but also as an
 opportunity to meet with an individual that could possibly help further
 my career with United Parcel Service. I was chosen by my team leader as
 the individual best suited to attend this focus group. When my
 supervisor approached our department manager with his decision, the department
 manager stated that he did not want me to represent our team. His
 reasoning was due to my earrings and a single tattoo on my right arm that
 is not usually visible even with a short sleeve shirt on. Mind that our
 dress code at United Parcel Service is business casual, and does not
 limit visible tattoos and or earrings. I was informed of this decision by
 my supervisor, who confided that this was just business politics. He
 stated that the manager specifically stated that if he were to decline
 the attendance of such meeting to an individual with burn scars, then it
 would be discrimination. The manager stated that the burn victim,
 unlike myself does not have the ability to control their appearance. I did
 approach our HR department about said comments, and was ensured that
 under no circumstances should I be judged not fit to attend the meeting
 because of my outward appearance. The manager advised that the same
 statement could be utilized to describe an individual that is overweight,
 or of a specific religious background. The HR manager apologized on
 behalf of UPS for the comments. At this point I am very concerned with my
 career at UPS. The manager that commented on my appearance is not only
 in control of any advancement within our department, but also our
 individual pay raise.
UPS has "traditionally" maintained appearance standards for drivers and management. You would have to lose the earrings and hide the tattoo at some point (or level) if you ever became management .  So if advancement/promotion is your goal, then control your appearance to conform to what your boss (or boss's boss) expects.  UPS is not Google, it is still a conservative company. 
Think about the possibility of this Board Member really having a thing against tats and piercings. You would have done yourself more harm than good showing up with earrings.
I work for UPS for almost 8 years and I had a family emergency where my
 wife was admitted into the hospital. I had to miss work for 3 days due
 to my family emergency. I have no family members other than my wife to
 watch our 1 year old daughter. Besides my wife being in the hospital
 my daughter had a medical emergency to see a neurologist for her brain
 because she needs medical attention. My daughter has been having
 fainting spells and was given an emergency referral. I was the only legal
 person around at the time to help meet her medical needs. I have proof of
 all documentation to prove my situation. I feel that UPS is been unfair
 to my extreme situation. UPS wants to write me up and suspend me for
 calling out.  This can lead to termination which can cause me and my
 family grief since I am the only one currently working. Please help me out
 by trying to understand and take my family emergency into great
UPS must have "forgotten" there are federal laws protecting individuals such as yourself with family medical emergencies. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA website) is administrated by the U.S. Department of Labor.  FMLA "provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. It also requires that group health benefits be maintained during the leave. The FMLA is designed to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities by taking reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons." Some states have their own set of FMLA which offer even more protection to employees. It sounds like your emergency would be protected by FMLA provisions.  You may want to contact an attorney familiar with FMLA if you are in any way harassed or disciplined over this matter. FMLA is just not for childbirth leave as some individuals believe.

 DOL has developed an optional form (Form WH-380, as revised) for 
employees' (or their family members') use in obtaining medical 
certification, including second and third opinions, from health care 
providers that meets FMLA's certification requirements. 

(b) FMLA leave may be taken ``intermittently or on a reduced leave 
     schedule'' under certain circumstances. Intermittent leave is FMLA leave 
     taken in separate blocks of time due to a single qualifying reason. A 
     reduced leave schedule is a leave schedule that reduces an employee's 
     usual number of working hours per workweek, or hours per workday. A 
     reduced leave schedule is a change in the employee's schedule for a 
     period of time, normally from full-time to part-time.


(1) IN GENERAL.--Except as provided in subsection (b), any eligible employee who takes leave under section 102 for the intended purpose of the leave shall be entitled, on return from such leave-- 
(A) to be restored by the employer to the position of employment held by the employee when the leave commenced; or
(B) to be restored to an equivalent position with equivalent employment benefits, pay, and other terms and conditions of employment. 

(1) EXERCISE OF RIGHTS.--It shall be unlawful for any employer to interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of or the attempt to exercise, any right provided under this title. 
(2) DISCRIMINATION.--It shall be unlawful for any employer to discharge or in any other manner discriminate against any individual for opposing any practice made unlawful by this title. 
(1) LIABILITY.-Any employer who violates section 105 shall be liable to any eligible employee affected-- 
(A) for damages equal to-- 
(i) the amount of-- 
(I) any wages, salary, employment benefits, or other compensation denied or lost to such employee by reason of the violation; or 
(II) in a case in which wages, salary, employment benefits, or other compensation have not been denied or lost to the employee, any actual monetary losses sustained by the employee as a direct result of the violation, such as the cost of providing care, up to a sum equal to 12 weeks of wages or salary for the employee; 
(ii) the interest on the amount described in clause (i) calculated at the prevailing rate; and 
(iii) an additional amount as liquidated damages equal to the sum of the amount described in clause (i) and the interest described in clause (ii), except that if an employer who has violated section 105 proves to the satisfaction of the court that the act or omission which violated section 105 was in good faith and that the employer had reasonable grounds for believing that the act or omission was not a violation of section 105, such court may, in the discretion of the court, reduce the amount of the liability to the amount and interest determined under clauses (i) and (ii), respectively; and 

missed packages and not recording them.even if it's a misload. is it true they could say it's dishonest and could fire a driver for that?
The DenverBrown.com (March edition) addressed just that issue.
"I've never seen as many drivers fired as we have right now. Every week a couple more go out the door. Sometimes it's 2 or 3 a day. Most of them are under the age of 25 and not yet fully indoctrinated in the UPS mindset. Most of them have been accused of bringing back packages unsheeted and unattempted. 
        Now I know not running packages and then not sheeting them is serious mistake. But should it be a termination on the first offense? UPS claims that people just aren't getting the message and they have talked about it and talked about it and they aren't going to talk about it anymore. They are going to fire people and maybe they will give them another chance and maybe they won't. They feel bagging packages involves a certain amount of dishonesty and being fired for dishonesty is not something you generally come back from. 
        I know UPS is tired of talking about running misloads and tired of having drivers not do what they are supposed to do, but is that really so very different from how UPS conducts themselves on an everyday basis. Aren't all the drivers just as tired of hearing that management is going to fix the misload problem..."

Does it matter if you give 2 weeks notice of leaving if you
 are a part-time supervisor?
It's a courtesy. If lack of notice is the worst thing a former employer can say in a reference check it doesn't matter. If you don't care or would never use UPS as a reference, leave when you want.  
Was injured on job and state comp doctor imposed weight
 restriction of 20 lbs. Now company says "get restrction taken off, or no
 work" Have been working with same restriction for 6 1/2 months, now all of
 a sudden I can't work. What do I do?
First, get a Workers' Comp lawyer and get on "Comp" if you are not on it now.  Because you have been working you and your family should have insurance coverage for the time stipulated in your contract (6 months or 12 months from your last day of work).  Also check out the Class Action being taken against UPS by Scott and Scott, LLP Lawsuit LINK
"...the complaint alleges UPS, a multi-billion dollar company and the world’s largest package delivery service, systematically violates the ADA by, among other things, employing a corporate-wide “100% healed” policy before any medically impaired employee on leave can return to work. A “100% healed” policy discriminates against qualified individuals with disabilities under the ADA... "  
I retired from UPS in 2002, at the age of 54 with 30 years
 of service.I just received my medical insurance bill from UPS saying
 as of Feb.1 I will be paying 72.00 more a month,which will bring my bill
 to 622.00 a month.I cant get anyone to tell me if this is the correct
 amount for my age which is 59 now.It says on central states website it
 should be 552.00 a month.I guess retires were not put in the new UPS
 contract.Can someone help me as to how much i should be paying.NO one at
 the union or UPS will answer me.I hope you can help me out. Thanks.
We are not sure why your current cost is what it is, you would have to contact the Central States Pension Plan directly to get an answer. But the good news is, you will participate in the new price of $200 per person as of Aug. 1, 2008.
If a FT UPSer in Central States has 21 years of service at age
 42, what are the retirement options?  The new Master agreement doesn't
 include this information in the chart............it refers to the
 "plan document," but I can't locate it!  The spouse has been offered a
 relocation job, but the UPSer is uncertain about when/if he can
If I retire after 20 years of service, can I get rehired as PT
 in another state/location?
It is our understanding that the UPS/Central States Pension Plan has restored the "25 and Out" option, but there is no "20 and Out".  You can only receive pension benefits at normal retirement age. The new and improved pension plan has not released the Summary Plan Document(SPD) as of Feb. 2008.
The UPS/CS Pension Plan does not have reciprocity with any other pension plan. That means a UPSer can't move from say Omaha to Chicago or from Denver to San Francisco and add to pension credits.
UPS does rehire good former employees depending on the company's need. NABER can speculate that the company is having trouble hiring  quality employees.  Be forewarned you may lose all benefits of seniority.
This answer is subject to changes that may exist in the new SPD.
Can my employer terminate me while I am on workman compensation?
Sure, if it came to light that you had stolen (for example), your employer can terminate you. Workers' comp is not some kind of pardon (Get outta jail free card.) But if your employer trumps up some fireable offense to get you off workers' comp, that would be illegal. 
Hi, Do you know if there is a copy of the Local 710 UPS Agreement on-line
 that I can download?
UPS Steward, Local 135
Sure, NABER's got it. LINK It's a big pdf. file but it's completely searchable by word or phrase.
what is the name of UPS'S safety person
Vague, but let me give it a shot. UPS's Director of Corporate Health and Safety is Kevin Strahan. He is also a member of the National Safety Council Board of Directors.

Ronald Sowder a feeder driver out of West Carrollton Ohio has 45 years and 3 million miles without an accident.  He is is UPS's real safety person, not some pencil pusher.
I have been going through a complete NIGHTMARE with my
 perscription bebefits through MEDCO-dont worry I have the all universal
 benefits center # imprinted permanently in my head forever. I have called
 EVERYONE and do not know what else to do at this point. There is some sort
 of wire crossed between what my SPD says - wich would give me a flat
 rate $20/45 co-pay for 90 mail order scripts- wich is what I had been
 getting ( and this is what is in my 2008 SPD) and according to Medco I am
 only covered at a copay of 25% no matter what the medication. I have
 never heard of that before ever. I take several medications vital to my
 daily function and am coming up in another order. Last year my
 medication was $530 paying by the copays and would have been a little over
 $5,000 without. I cannot afford that as a PT local sorter at all. 

Who do I talk to??? The benefits center is "researching" this and has
 had over a month to fix this, my HR guy has basically also washed his
 hands of it too, and just referred me back to the 1-800-877-1508....There
 has to be some other route than that number! Please help me somehow! I
 cant even work w.out thinking about this!
UPS is self insured. Medco only pays what UPS tells them to pay. Medco manages the costs for UPS by negotiating discounts with drug companies or drugstore chains and/or by asking/demanding doctors to prescribe something cheaper.  You generally won't get anywhere by calling Medco. They  won't intervene to straighten out a HR problem.

This sounds like an HR screw-up. You are most likely coded wrong in the system. It doesn't take a month to fix this. It's time to start making some waves. Ask your manager (then in 10 days your division manager) to intervene.  Ask for the district HR phone number.  Talk to your union business rep. These are negotiated benefits.  Expect to be harassed by company management.

I would be remiss if I didn't bring up the possibility of you being retalliated against by the company for costing the system too much $. If you quit, the company replaces you with a healthy person that doesn't have $5k/year in medical bills. Why else would your HR person neglect doing his job, unless he had supervisory approval? The Dept. of Labor might end up be the ultimate solution for this problem. You have a right to these benefits.

Feel free to post an edit this as an update. I just want any one else that might be going through the same nightmare to know they arent alone! Today our local sort is calling our union rep any for another grievance issue and I plan to discuss this with him. is this the appropriate plan of action since this is a contract neg thing?? I would think so.. I have already exhausted ALL other routes. I have gotten off the phone this morning with the benefits line and they admitted- once again that they have messed  up, and its not fixed- but this time they copped to opening and closing a prior "research article" as being resolved. That just turns my stomach. So now I have to wait several more days (all of wich I will be calling them you better believe) before their head honcho is supposed to call me. And I am just supposed have faith I guess that it will be fixed. I have already paid over $200  at their 25% covered ( I foot 75%)copay for one medicine that I needed and cant afford to refill the other 3 and act as a bank to file claims and get money back later on. So when I dont have my medicine, cant work and have to be hospitilized....I guess there will be a lot of paperwork for someone to do....

Please let me know what other steps I should complete to be absolutely thorough. I have documented times and date of people I have spoken to- ID number, ect. Is there other alleys I should go down? If this goes to court I dont want to hear I didnt do everything I could have done. I just have no belief that this will be fixed. thanks so much for your time and answer!!! I cant tell you how much I appreciate it!!! You have NOOOOO idea! 
Wow, we are not surprised that the Benefit Line didn't follow up as promised. Part of the job description there seems to be to stall and misdirect. In situations like yours, they seem to act as the "gate keeper".  They won't tell you how to get your problem resolved.

Appeal the problem as directed in the SPD (Summary Plan Description), with the TPP (Third Party Provider), then an appeal with the Administrator of the plan in Atlanta GA. File a grievance with the union, as your benefits are contractual, 
After that if your problems are not resolved  contact the DOL/EBSA in Atlanta as they have oversight with regard the Health & Welfare & Pension problems. The necessary  addresses and contacts are as follows;
United Parcel Service of America, Inc.
Attn.: Mr. Brian M. Brum Corporate Legal
& Mr. Dale Whitney Corporate Benefits
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Mr. Howard Marsh
Regional Director
US Department of Labor
Atlanta Regional Office EBSA
61 Forsyth Street
Suite 7 B 54
Atlanta Ga. 30303
ups has alot of good benifits and good pay.saw aguy on my
 route one day and he told me ups employees have nothing to complain
 about.if we had to work for min wage and ciuldn't afford benifits it would be
 different.rememeber there are people who would work for free benifits
 anytime.as far as 25.00 an hour he would do this job for12.50-13.00 an
 hour.he would even work 60hours a week.doing 50-55 hours a week
 now.there are people out there who would work for less.
UPS does indeed have good benefits and pay. Okay, maybe not such good benefits if you are a woman or are on expensive medication. (Read elsewhere on this page.) Oh, and don't get hurt or have an accident, either.  
So this guy on your route told you that you and every other UPSer is overpaid and a whiner to boot.  He never worked for UPS. And this guy has probably never worked (even one day) as hard as you do every day of every week.  You earn your pay, health benefits, and pension.
Using his logic, the more you get paid, the worse your employer can treat you. 
I worked for UPS for 10 years and loved my job, due to some
 personal things tha I was going though I put in my 2 weeks notice.  I
 ended up quitting before that two weeks was up (management ended up
 starting a fight with me in the back of my truck and threatened to kick my
 ass).  Anyway I quit two years ago (although they said I walked off the
 job even though I had already worked 10 hours before this altercation
 happened) and now I would like to have my job back and after talking to
 the union they said it should not be a problem but I have to speak with
 my old boss, at first he said no but eventually agreed, anyway my
 question is everytime I try to apply online to be considered for a job (not
 asking for my driving job, willing to start at the bottom and prove
 that I deserve a second chance)it said I an unable to apply as I am a
 former employee.  What should I do?
Click your heels together and spin around 3 times saying "I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm a glutton for punishment." Sorry at my attempt to be humorous. For years, BROWN has waffled on the issue of hiring former employees and hiring relatives. Obviously, from your experience, the online form is set to reject former employees. Yet, during peak and summer vacation season college students are rehired.  If I were you, I would contact your former boss and explain the online situration. If he really wants to rehire you, he could get HR to make it happen.
I've been a service provider for almost 4 years now. Summer of
 2006 my husband and I decided that it was time to have a baby. As soon
 as I got pregnant I was put on a weight lifting restriction of 30lbs
 to avoid a pre-term pregnancy. My OB explained that this is protocol for
 every pregnancy regardless of what your body is used to doing. I
 thought that I would be able to do light duty work until I was full-term.
 However, UPS treats pregnancy the same way they would treat an outside
 injury, accident or illness. I was told that I'd have to go on
 disability.  I went on short-term disability which is a straight $225 for the 1st
 13wks and $250 for the 2nd. A full-term pregnancy is 36-40 wks so you
 do the math. Long-term disability was a little better. Going from a net
 monthly salary of about $4400 to around $800 almost cost us our home.
 We thought that since I wasn't really 'disabled' that I could find
 other work to help offset the $3600 deficit. I was told that I wasn't
 allowed to collect disability and maintain another job. The only way I could
 keep my job at UPS was to go on disability. Then my teamster rep. told
 me that I should have purchased the income subsidy insurance that we
 can get through them. Sounds great in theory only there's a catch. The
 insurance covers time loss due to outside injuries, accidents and
 illnesses but they don't cover pregnancy related time loss. Hmmm, so
 pregnancy is considered to be one-in-the-same w/ outside injuries, accidents
 and illnesses by UPS but not with insurance that we can get through them.
 Then to top it off, once I returned to work I found out that I had
 skin cancer. I had to have surgery right away and missed 2wks. I submitted
 my FMLA only to find that it had been denied because I had already
 exhausted my 12wks while I was pregnant. Heaven forbid my son get sick.
 Another occurrence!!!! I feel that the way UPS handles maternity issues
 is extremely discriminatory. Both men and women can get cancer, break a
 leg, throw out their back. Only women can be 'afflicted'(since they
 literally told me that they considered it to be the equivalent of an
 illness. Personally I loved being pregnant.)with a pregnancy. I'd heard that
 UPS has had pregnancy disputes before but don't how they were
 initiated or what the results were. Still waiting to hear from our union rep on
 that one. (It's been over a year now. Obviously not a priority.) Any
 guidance here would be greatly appreciated. Also, FYI for Mr. Clueless,
 almost half of the 60+ service providers at our center have a bachelor
 degree – and I’m not talkin’ community colleges either. Myself
NABER hasn't addressed woman't health issues in awhile. But it doesn't appear much has changed. (See http://pupsinc.homestead.com/sexharass.html)
Since UPS is self-insured (and basically dictate policy to the 3rd party insurance facilitators) how can they be on both sides of the fence about the status of pregnant workers. Are they disabled or not? This would seem to be the basis of a future Title IX discrimination lawsuit.
To give you an idea about the inconsistancies that UPSers have to deal with: In some areas, insurance coverage ends 6 months after leaving the job. In those areas, a UPSer would have to work through the first trimester to be covered for a full term pregnancy. In California, light duty has to be offered to pregnant employees by state law.  In similar fashion, pap smears and mammograms are covered where required by state law (while in most states, they are not). Testing for testicular or prostate cancer is covered everywhere. 
The Teamsters should have addressed the issue of equal treatment of woman employees no matter where they worked or the type of cancer that was being tested. To our knowledge, these inequalities were not addressed in the latest collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The company seems to have taken the road of least coverage not equal coverage.
I guess the only real solution is to take it up with state legislators to equalize the playing field for all employees.
I have been driving Feeders for 13yrs and now I'm going back
 to package car. Were do I stand on the driver list??? Do I go to the
This is one of those items that "local practices" apply.  You, of course, retain "company seniority". So you should be dovetailed into vacations. But some places pick vacations in November and others are picking now (January). Some locations will respect any vacation dates already picked in feeder.  In small centers, they may not able to go over the maximum and won't let you bounce vacations already picked. In that case, you may indeed be at the bottom of the list this year.  Get with your union steward.
I have a 4yr son who dad works for ups and he was going to get
 him put on his insurance put said they wouldnt allow him to do so
 until the beginning of the year. I dont know how true that is but would
 like to find out.The deal is he just totally found out he is his child
 bout a year ago, we did a dna test that state he is my sons father. But
 the question is he said that i guess the person in HR told him it might
 be had since my son doesnt have the same last name. But we have legal
 document proven that that is his son. No we are not married and never
 have been. Should this be and issue for him to add him?
The yearly enrollment period is roughly Nov. 15 to the end of the year. (This is set by the government.) The dad should have received a mailing early in November, that would have allowed him to make the change. A son is a son is a son. There is a legal and moral responsibility to support a child no matter what his name. UPS covers children and even step-children which, of course, don't have the same name. 
You state you have a legal document that establishes paternity. That document should be sufficent.  But if you only have a medical document (DNA results) that shows paternity without a legal document or agreement, the company may request the paternity be formalized.
do you know what the EIN number is for the package handlers in
 central PA and what the tax address is? trying to beat the w2.
The EIN (employer identification number) and employer address would be the same as your W2 from last year. It wouldn't be smart to file before you get the W2 in case there was an error on your last pay stub of the year. Also any refund would be held up until the IRS gets your data from the company electroniclly.
I am a ups delivery driver(Indiana),came to work and could not
 work, told supervisor I was sick and went home sick, also steward
 witness, ups fired me for job abandonment. Any advice or suggestions would
 be greatly appreciated
What did your union steward tell you? That would be my first question of you. 
How did this all go down (long version)? That would be my second question. The details are going to determine your fate.  You broke the unofficial "cardinal rule".  Always show up to work during peak.  Management has to spank you to keep the other troops in line.  Otherwise every stomach flu, headache, or hangover will be acceptable reasons to go home (even during peak). Because....they let you get away with it.
injured my back, was told to get a desk job with lite duties,
 will get a sum of money, but don't need a laywer because they will take
 33% of my sum and I won't want that?  any advise?
Your use of the word need in interesting. First, do you have your facts straight? Workers' comp lawyers don't get more than 20% in most states, by law. How do you know you will get a sum of money? If you take another job before the settlement agreement is signed the company can renege on your settlement.  Also...Its a well known fact that workers compensation amounts are pre-set for specific injuries in any given particular state. Its also a well known fact that workers compensation law is structured to the benefit of the employer. So don't expect to come out of this smelling like a rose.
Make sure that any SA, includes protection that you won't have to pay back the insurance company for costs relating to your accident (that you are being compensated for fully).  And will the company pick up any future medical costs (including surgery) relating to your back injury?
No, you don't need a lawyer. You are obviously smart enough to sidestep any of the landmines that the professional negotiators (lawyers and claim adjusters) are going to fill your settlement agreement with.
BACKGROUND: I am 52, [a] feeder driver and have 17 service years
 with UPS in Pennsylvania but now live in another state. I have been on PA
 workers' compensation for almost 2 years. I have not been offered a
 buyout. Neither have I been scheduled for a medical examination to
 determine if my disability is partial or full. I am currently appealing a
 negative Social Security's Disability decision. Based upon the additional
 medical evidence that I recently submitted, I believe it is likely that
 I will be awarded Social Security Disability benefits in the
 "reconsideration" process.   

QUESTIONS:  (1) Is there any kind of a "deal" I can make with UPS
 whereby I can retire due to a work-related disability and have my health
 benefits restored? (2) Will UPS have to continue to pay for all medical
 expenses associated with my workers compensation claim for ever and ever?
 If I accept a buyout, will they stop paying for my medical treatments?
  (3) Is it possible to have my 2-year workers' compensation
 examination done where I live now instead of returning to PA--traveling is very
 difficult due to the pain? Does PA Workers Compensation ever accept
 medical evidence submitted to Social Security to determine rather or not
 one is partially or fully disable? 

Thank you

GET A LAWYER, 1.) A Settlement Agreement (SA) can include anything thing the company will agree to. But I doubt they want the liability of your health benefits. The retirement issue will be decided by how the IBT local in PA  handles disability retirees ( if they do anything).   You may have to wait until you are 65 to collect your 17 years of service pension. 2.) UPS will follow state law and its limitations in regard to your injury's medical expenses. That being said, this is something that could be included in a SA. And definitely some individuals remain covered even after being eligible for Medicare. 3.) While it may be possible to be examined by an out-of-state doctor, it may not be in your best interest. If the company contests giving you a settlement agreement, or the provisions of said agreement, or even the permanent status of your injury, the doctor might have to be deposed by both sets of lawyers.
I get the impression that you are hoping that the company (out of the goodness of their corporate heart) will give you a settlement that will set you up for the rest of your life. Their lawyers and insurance adjusters will try to give you as little as they possibly can. That's their job. Get a professional that negotiates these agreements everyday to be on your side. A lawyer could also help with securing SSD for you. Being denied SSD does not help your case. But even getting Social Security Disability does not ensure that workers' comp or the company has to accept that determination. They are 2 different animals.

i hurt myself on the job, its my back right now its not serious but if down the line its becoms so what should i do. should i file for workmens  compensation now just in case
Reporting injuries is probably always a smart thing thing to do. You know you have covered your interests (butt). Is anybody really certain how bad an injury is until you have recovered completely? A back injury that seems slight, might not let you get out of bed or walk or raise your arm the next morning.
Supervisors don't like workers to report these minor injuries, but these same people may deny any knowledge of the injury later. The company then may accuse you of getting hurt off the job.  If it turns out the injury is "no lost workdays" then everybody is happy.  But if on the other hand it becomes a cronic injury, you will get the compensation you deserve.


Indy drivers are in Local 135, but some of the older drivers pensions come from 710. You need to find out if you are one of them. There are extenuating circumstances, whereby a participant can pay up to 3 years of contributions because of medical leave. Either way you are governed under Indiana's workers comp.

Medical benefits end after 6 months or 12 months depending on your local's collective bargaining agreement (CBA). It sounds like you have already gotten more than the 6 month cutoff, so you should be good for the 12 month cutoff.   Injuries caused by your accident will be continued to be covered as defined by state law or your settlement agreement. (In some states, they can be covered for the rest of your life.) Expect UPS to get you off their books after 12 months. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD ATTORNEY.

Your vacation time accrues while you are off on workers comp. 

If you return your seniority stays the same. We wish we had more information in order to give you a better answer.

If you don't settle your workers comp claim right away and if you makes the settlement include past contributions, then you'll be OK. Its been done before in 710 pension fund.
I have just retired and I am still trying to figure out the
step by step procedures I need to take. It was easier getting hired than
it is to leave. I'm waiting on vacation pay plus I spent $500.00 on
meds because I couldn't prove I was still covered for 30 days after I
retired. It seems like there should be guide lines in black and white for
all of us to follow. I feel after 38 years of service in 710 it should
be a smooth transition.

You had me stumped on this one because local 710 kept the "old style" Aetna Health and Welfare in 2003 when most locals changed to the new options. Thanks to the 710 retiree that answered this one.

    * The PAID prescription card is good for 30 days after you retire.(and not a minute longer)
    * Then you fall under UPS H&W for retires. (AETNA)
    * Prescriptions are covered at  80% (AETNA) 20% out of your pocket.
    * After meeting your $100.00 deductible and $1,000.00 (all covered medical) out of pocket you are then covered at 100%.
    * If you need the information on how to file for prescription expenses let us know and we will send them a copy of the claim form. Plus other information.
    * Also, the H&W plan has a maximum of $150,000.00 per  year for the retiree and the same for the spouse.
    * Also, file a grievance for the vacation pay before the time limits run out. If and when paid, the grievance can be withdrawn.
I need the information on how to file for prescription
 expenses after retirement.I have retired from 710 after 38yrs,I had to leave
 because of a medical problem two months earlier than planned.

38 years.... Wow. Congrats.
I believe you have to submit bills directly to Medco. Check back in acouple days and I should have your answer.
You should call UPS and ask for a SPD (Summary of Plan Documents) for retirees from local 710. This should give you all the info you may need.
Recently, a package driver who drives a package car with an automatic transmission had a "roll away" accident. He is quite sure that he had the transmission in park. I am aware of at least 2 other "roll away" accidents involving automatic transmissions and again the drivers were very sure that they had put the transmission in park. all of the drivers in question were initially fired and put on the street. They were eventually brought back to work after about a week off with no back pay (suspension).

Are you aware of any design flaws or other issues involving the transmissions of the automatic package cars that have caused them to have roll aways?

Thank you

NABER tries to bring to light the vehicle defects that hard working UPSers are being disiplined for having the misfortune of encountering.
P500 rollovers. 
Windshield blowout because of rubber fatique. 

Now, NABER is hearing about rollaway problems with Ford automatics. The shifter arm will not go all the way into PARK. Specifically, the P32 which have a "step on" parking brake, sometimes, those parking brakes just do not catch.
A driver in Ohio had a roll away with a P32 that had been written up by several drivers for the problem. (In fact, several of the P32's had been written up for the same problem.) The DVIR book for this P32 had mysteriously disappeared. A mechanic was blamed for mistakenly throwing them out. The panel didn't buy that bull. The driver was reinstated.
As part of his defense, the driver had a notarized statement from a Technical College Mechanic's teacher who explained why these vehicles are prone to roll. 

If you are a driver or mechanic with knowledge about this defect please contact NABER.

Is someone going to get seriously injured before the company takes this defect seriously?

in ca.the drivers in some centers have to take an hour
 lunchtime or they can get written up.the diad board shuts down so no work is
 to be done during this period.because of an 87millon law suit.happy days
 for ca?in so,il.drivers have to take 30min.someday they may have to
 take it before the 6th hour.hope the diad board shuts off during that
 time.happy days for so.il.the law states if 60 min.and only take 30min.for
 lunch for lunch you can't get docked 30min.the reason for the suit was
 ups for to many years were for drivers to work off the clock then
 docking them one hours pay.think someday it will be mandatory lunchtime to
 be used before 6th hour or face displanart action.if ojs it's up to the
 supto make sure the driver takes 30min. lunch.you think it would be a
 good idea to write to atlanta,hr.int'l have them look into this

Sure, contact UPS Corporate HR, if you really think that they are unaware that drivers in southern Illinois (or anywhere) have been skipping/donating their lunches for the good of the company. It is only when state law mandates lunch breaks does the company get serious about enforcing the contract.  When the company is being run by a "bean counter" (Scott D.) as apposed to a "minute counter" (Mike E.), things aren't going to change much. Sure Scott might make some changes to PAS to make it MORE COST EFFECTIVE. 
I am an ex ups employee.  I was both hourly and management for 25 years.  I stumbled on to your sight, and I am amazed at how uninformed and how unrealistic you are.  Let's start with the fact that UPS owes you nothing.  99.9 percent of  UPS drivers never went to college.  The average education level in the 9th grade.  This company hired you, trained you, and paid you the highest rate in the industry.  They also paid the health care and retirement for you and your dependants.  All you need to do is keep your mouth shut, work safe and deliver and p/u parcels.  It is a very stressful job.  However, I bet you knew that when you took the job.  It is no secret, and it never was.  All of the part timers at UPS just think that they are entitled to a full time job.  That is not a fact,  You have to qualify.  You are obviously one of those socialist who think that seniority with the company is all that matters.  Try having a little pride in what you do.  Dont spend your whole career trying to do less for more.  This is a business.  Let me repeat; this is a business.  We are here to make money for the stock holders.  That is what businesses do.  We are not in the feel good business. We are in the transportation business.  It is a highly competitive industry.  We have managed to stay at the top of the industry for 100 years.  May we should strive to do less like your self.  Maybe we should remain uneducated and try to increase the cost and lower production.. Then you would have to go out and find a job that pays you what you are really worth.
Read some of the comments NABER received about this email...
It is pretty obvious that this mental midgets' only education was at the ups gestapo school, somewhere in the backwoods of Georgia were he married his sister on their first date. Because of his tunnel vision, I bet his eyes are real close together. Bet he plays a mean banjo too.                                                                    

It is also very obvious that he was trying to cover that fact by making up the ups educational hiring stats, that they recruited him while he was unemployed and while he couldn't get through the 9th grade. (Can you say peanut?) Unlike myself and many others, whom UPS sought after with a vengence from the local colleges. UPS had to get the brains somewhere. In fact, most of us college guys saw through all the ups bullshit and backstabbing and stayed on to make our careers on the truck and let the 9th graders get trained.  Hell, they had to graduate from somewhere! He also fails to mention that ol' Brown has gone out of their way to spend millions on their infamous 'earn and learn' program for college kids that they continue to recruit (and can't get because of the way they're treated) and even spent more millions to build their own college campus in the Louisville Air Hub so that they can keep their workforce on permanent lock down and guarantee that the slaves all show up! Just like their idols did in WWII.

What this little whore fails to mention is that UPS didn't give us nothing. WE earned every penny and had to put in our time and fought to get it. That is if we didn't get crippled along the way, then they just threw you out the door, watch you and your family lose everything, go bankrupt and they just say "Next". If he's so proud, why doesn't he spit out some OSHA stats. 

All the while, this puke latches on to a shooting star that is propelled by the sweat and dedication of thousands of Teamsters everywhere. For the longest time ups just went along with the pay and pension rates that were establihsed through the Teamsters National Master Freight agreement. It wasn't till 1997 that we started pulling away. But this idiot wants you to believe that ups has been doing this for the past 100 years. But then again, look at who we're dealing with here. A bourgeois capitalistic pig dog that thinks he's Donald Trump.

It's someone elses turn now. Don't be bashful!

Steve Pocztowski
Teamsters Local 705

For more comments on this email go to VIEWS

I am a dis-place driver, in other words a driver that has pass the Physical requirements but cannot drive for other medical reason.
I have a few questions.
1)Is there any contract language that protects my future at ups?
2)Can the company pick and choose who they want to keep?
3)Drivers that has been given another position in the company are called dis-place drivers with no bidding right on any thing else, it like they have created a new classification (dis-place drivers),can they do this?
4)I know drivers that have been given jobs as porter, washers, and they have even created combo-jobs for them, and am sure there is drivers that the company and the union has told them that there is no job for them, so this ends there future at ups. How can they do this?

One of NABER's friends answered this:
"Under Art. 20, sec 4 of the Master, an employee judged medically unqualified to drive, but is considered physically fit and qualified to perform other inside jobs will be afforded the opportunity to displace the least senior fulltime or parttime inside employee at such work until he can return to driving. While performing the inside work he will be paid the highest part time rate as an employee with equivilant seniority. If no fulltime inside position is available, the employer will meet with the local union to develop a fulltime position if possible out of availble work. 
Under Art. 14, sec 3.1 of the Master, the employer and the union agree to meet and discuss certain fulltime positions that may be filled by employees who can no longer perform their assigned job. When full time openings occur, these employees will be given the opportunity to fill the opening before the company hires from the outside. 
So... it depends on what has made him ineligible to drive. If his blood pressure is too high, the needs to get it corrected with one year and falls under Art. 20 above and can work inside during that time, but at the end of one year he is deemed medically unfit  
If he is diabetic and has to inject insulin, he falls under Art. 14 and they will look for an inside job, but if none can be found, then he has no job with UPS. 
What has happened in his building in the past will have an impact on what happens to him and he needs to get with the Union see what past practice is. That will determine what his future is. It's not the end of the road, but he's heading that way and needs to get in the drivers seat and see what his options are in his locale."

I was hurt on the job, and got a limitation  from UPS
 doctors. After 2 years I was mailed some money with a check that said cleared.
  I went to a different doctor a few months ago and she took me off
 restrictions.  My question is, is it too late to go back to UPS?  Its been
 about 2 years and a half and I have tried to talk with several UPS HR
 personnel and they all tell me something different.  I have been at MMI
 for 2.5 years- but like I said my doctor said I could now work without
 restrictions.  Is their a time limit. This happened in Kentucky
Let's see, you accepted and cashed a check two and a half years ago that released UPS from any further liabilty for your injury. You didn't dispute it then. And now you think UPS will want to rehire you and take the risk that you might reinjure yourself.  The company would then reassume liability for an injury that they have already paid you for once before. You probably have a greater chance of winning the Kentucky Derby.

I worked for UPS for 11 years. I was unable to transfer to an
 area to take care of elderly parents so I resigned after working out a
 4-month notice. I've since moved back and have a good chance of getting
 back in. I've been out for a year and a half and am told I'll
 basically have to "start over." Will I lose all seniority, pay, etc? Will the
 11 years I've already put in still count toward pension, vacations, etc?
 What can I expect and is this a good move?
We hope you took a withdrawl card from the union so you won't have to pay an initiation fee again.We don't know if you part-time or full time?  In any case, you are vested in the Pension Fund after 5 years by federal law. And you can have a break in service of 10-11 years if you had 11 years in the union. If your credit is all part-time it isn't worth much.  In my humble opinion, it wouldn't be worth going back for. You need to write UPS Corporate though to get your pension credit years documented.

All in all, we don't have enough information to give you a more accurate answer?

If my ex-boyfrind gave me hipatitus C, is he liable to pay for
 my medical bills?
Possibly, but it would be difficult to prove.
I no longer work for ups but I worked there for 17 years and
I have heard that if ups takes over the pension, they would offer us
a buy out and we would no longer get a pension.
That's unlikely. Your pension is with Central States. You will not be working under the
new UPS/CSPP which takes effect Jan. 1.
You have 17 years of pension benefits at the accrued rate in effect for those 17 years, which probably will not amount to much by the time you  reach normal retirement age (65)

Then there is the matter that there are generally no "BUY OUTS" from Multi Employer Pension Funds
If someone files a fraudulent workmens comp claim and is found
guilty in court of fraud, how long of a jail time will they serve?
Depends on what you did, how much money you got. Punishments usually fit the crime...

My husband pulled a muscle under his rib cage working at one
 of the UPS locations.  He didn't report it right away because it didn't
 really hurt that bad and he figured that it would go away in a few
 days.  Well after about a week, the pain started to get worse.  We were
 concerned that it might be a hernia or some kind of abdominal tear.
  Yesterday he went to his UPS supervisor and told her about the injury.  I
 was a witness to this meeting.  The supervisor was trying to say that it
 couldn't be a work related injury and really read him the riot act
 about not reporting it sooner.  Well he did tell one of the night
 supervisors, but that supervisor did nothing.  Again, my husband didn't report
 it right away because he figured it would go away.  This female day
 supervisor that he told was trying to encourage him not to report the
 injury and not to claim that it was work relatted.  I witnessed her tell my
 husband that "people get fired around there for doing that".  My
 husband is a hard worker and an honest person.  It was hard for him to go to
 his employer with this injury.  We can not afford for him to miss any
 work.  They agreed to take him to the doctor and even the doctor filled
 out the workman's comp paperwork and stated that it must have happened
 at work.  Now it looks like they will fire my husband.  Tonight he saw
 some paperwork in the main office just laying out for everyone to see.
  It looked like some kind of performance appraisal where they
 indicated that he has an alleged injury and that he didn't use proper lifting
 methods.  We are fixing to contact an attorney about this.  Does anyone
 have any advice?

Your husband notified a supervisor who didn't do his job by insisting he fill out an accident report.  But expect this person to deny any memory of the conversation.  Did anyone else hear the conversation? Expect retalliation if you file a Workers Comp claim. Get an attorney as soon as possible. Document any disipline that may occur going forward. 

We know of a retiree that had his retiree H&W "mistakenly cancelled" the same day that he received a settlement of a Workers Comp claim that happen almost 3 years before retirement.  It took almost a year to get the insurance problem corrected.

I have just retired and I am still trying to figure out the
 step by step procedures I need to take. It was easier getting hired than
 it is to leave. I'm waiting on vacation pay plus I spent $500.00 on
 meds because I couldn't prove I was still covered for 30 days after I
 retired. It seems like there should be guide lines in black and white for
 all of us to follow. I feel after 38 years of service in 710 it should
 be a smooth transition.

You had me stumped on this one because local 710 kept the "old style" Aetna Health and Welfare in 2003 when most locals changed to the new options. Thanks to the 710 retiree that answered this one.
  • The PAID prescription card is good for 30 days after you retire.(and not a minute longer)
  • Then you fall under UPS H&W for retires. (AETNA) 
  • Prescriptions are covered at  80% (AETNA) 20% out of your pocket.
  • After meeting your $100.00 deductible and $1,000.00 (all covered medical) out of pocket you are then covered at 100%.
  • If you need the information on how to file for prescription expenses let us know and we will send them a copy of the claim form. Plus other information.
  • Also, the H&W plan has a maximum of $150,000.00 per  year for the retiree and the same for the spouse. 
  • Also, I would file a grievance for the vacation pay before the time limits run out. If and when paid, the grievance can be withdrawn.
i have been married to my husband for 7 years and we are in
 the process of preparing for divorce. how many years married to recieve
 spouses penison.  Would i be entitled to it if I have no kids of my own?

You are asking for legal advise that is best asked of your divorce attorney. Generally though, this is a negotable item. You might be well advised to take some current assets instead of part of his pention that will link bad feelings between the 2 of you for the rest of your lives.

_on spouses pension.check with union hall about divorce.i knew
 of one case the driver got divorced before he died the widow got
 nothing.corse he had been married three times.which is only right.i don't
 think they should get anything.didn't want to be married to him.why should
 they get his money?

Again it is a legal thing. Talk to a lawyer. The pension plan has to obey the divorce decree. In fact, if you are divorced the pension plan will probably ask to see the divorce papers before they let you receive the first pension check. Pensions are defered benefits. Pension credits are earned while working, but paid during retirement. And in most states, your spouse is entitled to half of everything you earn while working, that includes pension benefits (even though they are defered).
In your example the woman was not a widow. She was just an ex-wife. Only widows can collect on pension that were set up to include a widows benefit.
Retirees can include their spouse in their pension.  The retiree takes a lesser amount that is dependent on the age of their spouse relative to the retiree's.
what are the appearance guidelines?

There are so many of them, here are some of them.
Facial Hair- Daily shave. No beards, only a moustache that is trimmed to the corner of the mouth. Yet, I have seen guys get away with soul patches.  Sideburns allowed to the bottom of the ear.

Hair is not allowed over the collar. If tucked in the hat, it needs to stay there.

No obscene tats. Shoes must be shineable and shined. Uniform clean and pressed. Shirt buttoned to next to top botton.  Only white or brown tee-shirt can be visible (black tee-shirts usually haven't been a problem).  Only company issue brown socks can be worn with shorts. 

Funny things I have seen. 
A guy that used to roll his shorts (Think hot pants.)
Drivers that used Safety award pins or Union pins as earrings.
Drivers that have worn short hair wigs over long hair.
A manager who trimmed his moustache up from the corners of his mouth. Once he overdid this and looked like Hitler.

Anybody got some good stories about uniform variations? Send them in.
I just finished reading this website and the horror stories.
  In a sick sort of way, it made me feel better that my husband is not
 alone.  My husband worked for UPS for 17 years.  His knees are worn, has
 had double knee surgery and still managed to return to work through a
 release from the UPS doctors.  He "lied" to the doctors about his
 capabilities because, quite frankly, he needed to get back to work and earn a
 living.  He said he could "tough it out" until retirement.  Well, in
 order to keep his job, he had to cheat in order to be in on time.  He
 got caught "pre-programming packages" and was fired without warning.  He
 appealed and lost.  And then was told he could travel to California for
 a final review by the UPS Board.  He was in touch with the Union the
 entire time.  But when it came to go to the hearing in California, the
 union was not there to represent him.  My husband fought for his job
 back all alone.  He lost.  This "pre-whatever packaging" is done by
 several drivers and was even taught to him by his previous supervisor!  After
 the hearing, the union steward told my husband that he was set up to
 go because of his bad knees -- as he couldn't do the job anymore.  Of
 course, this union steward (who used to be my husband's friend) can no
 longer remember this conversation and was told to not talk to my husband
 anymore.  His knees are bad because of UPS -- getting in and out of the
 truck is brutal.  Is there any hope for my husband?  I am now dealing
 with a partially disabled husband, who has no medical insurance to be
 able to get disability status, and is so depressed.  HELP!  P.S.  My
 husband filed an EEOC claim and UPS refused mediation.  Is he really all
 alone on this one?

Ah, the joys of package car... that bone on bone feeling in your knees every step you take.
The fatigue that used to occur every peak now happens every Friday. Then it moves forward in the week to WEDNESDAY.  It used to be (25 years ago) that the company would have offered your husband a porters' job or something.  But now those jobs get outsourced to companies that allegedly use illegals or don't pay overtime. 
But I degress. The union steward was probably accurate in his accessment of your husband's situation.  Most likely, there is NO CHANCE that your husband will get a job again with BROWN. He was caught "stealing time" which is a capital offense. The DIAD technology is such that the company can easily determine who is "pre-sheeting" though they may not act on it. 
Has too much time passed to reopen the workers' comp case? Some states allow 2 years. He obviously is still injured. Get the best (bad ass) lawyer you can, because its gonna be a tough battle. Your husband may be eligible for a settlement based on the previous injury. He may be able to get medical coverage for expenses related to the injured knees until he is eligible for medicare.  Again it varies by state WC laws. He may want to apply for SS disability.
NABER know we are only showing the tip of the iceberg of legal cases and horror stories that are out there.  We can only hope that UPSers find this website and learn from it, before they need it. 
An appeal that UPS won Sept. 13th, 2007 illustrates how badly the company seems to want to get rid of employees once they become injured. APPEAL.
If you send us your contact info, we may be more specific in response.
I am on Workers Compensation (UPS-Penn.) This morning someone
 knocked on my door and identified himself as a Liberty Mutual
 representative. He asked me a few questions and then asked if he could take a
 photo of me inside the house. I agreed and he took a photo.  Am I correct
 in believing he will give it to an investigator who will track my ever
 "painful" move? Is this a common practice?  Thank you. 

You are probably correct, watch your back. And if you notice someone fellowing you, you might consider:
Calling the police, as you are being stalked. Take down his license plate number if he tries to get away. 
If this person identifies himself as a insurance investigator, file a grievance with the union. Article 14 of the National CBA "The Employer or its designee shall not visit an injured worker at his/her home without his/her consent." You could have filed a grievance on the Liberty Mutual Rep. visit, but you allowed him to take your picture, thereby giving him permission for the visit. He probably didn't actually work for LM, but was an investigator that they hired.
This kind of visit is not usual, it's against the language of the contract. The company may be trying to take away your workers' comp. no matter how justified it is. They (almost seem to) hope that injured employees (feeling macho) will do something quite normal but against doctor's orders. If the employees gets caught, the company can cry insurance fraud and try to fire the employee.

And continuing....
Thank you for your response regarding the "Liberty Mutual
 Representative" who took a photo of me. Just today, I was called by some
 woman claiming to be a Liberty Mutual representative, and she told me
 that she was going to be present at my appointment with the surgeon on
 August 14--she didn't ask my permission. I live in Indiana  now, but my
 worker's compensation is through Pennsylvania. I understand that Indiana
 insists that a worker's comp worker go to all doctor's appointments
 with the employee.  I find this unbelievable that I have to permit this
 woman watch the doctor examine me. While I have nothing to hide, this
 doesn't make sense to me. The lady can contact the doctor any time she
 wishes. Why does she have to be in the examination room? Does the contract
 allow for such? Thank you.

Yes, Indiana law provides for a nurse assigned by the insurance carrier to accompany you to the doctor.  " In some cases, insurance carriers hire a rehabilitation nurse to manage the treatment of an injured employee.  These nurses can be helpful in coordinating successful and rapid treatment.   Only the physician can ask the rehabilitation nurse to
leave the examination room at any time and the nurse must immediately comply." But the question bares asking. 'Does PA workers' comp laws have a similiar stipulation?' Your WC should be guided by the laws of PA.  Indiana's laws are less worker friendly than Pennsylvania's.  Liberty Mutual seems to be taking an highter than usual interest in your WC claim.  We can only suggest that you retain an attorney from PA to safeguard your best interests.  The nurse shouldn't need to be in the room during the exam, in our opinion.
The CBA has no provisions anywhere regarding workers comp, other than the employer has to provide it and follow all state regulations.
can you receive workmens comp and leave the state
I am 52 years old and have 17 years of full-time employment as
 a UPS feeder driver. About 18 months ago I went out on workers'
 compensation. I have had two cervical spine fusion surgeries, but the pain
 gross worse. There is a good chance I'll never be able to work again. I
 receive weekly worker's comp checks and have applied for Social Security
 Disability. UPS has hinted that I may be offered a lump sum buyout and
 warned that getting a lawyer would not help--only cost me.  More than
 anything, I want to get back my UPS health benefits for my retirement
 years. (Several months ago benefits for my wife and me were dropped by
 UPS.) If I keep getting workers comp to age 55, could I then buy my
 health benefits and retire with 17 years of service? Why would UPS want to
 give me a lump sum instead of paying workers compensation? I have
 written these questions to the the teamsters but got no response.   THANKS

I know I sould like a broken record, but a lot depends on where you work.  The state you work in determines your Workers' Comp. With only 17 years you won't get much of a pension at 55 or at 65 years of age. If you can even retiree at 55 depends on your CBA , you pension plan, and maybe even your Local. The Teamsters won't get involved in a WC issue and probably won't be much help in giving you information about your pension rights. 
You might get Medicare Disability. But your wife WILL NOT get medical coverage  If your injury is serious enough  WC coverage may extend for the rest of your life. You might also be entitled to Social Security Disability pay. 

You might be well to get a lawyer for the Workers' Comp. claim. But bottom line, most lawyers who handle workers' comp haven't a clue about pensions, H & W or contributions, or ERISA. UPS wants to limit their liabiltiy and costs. That's why they want to cash you out now.
Read the following question and response (BELOW).
My husband has been on workmans comp since February, he was
 just released with restrictions from the doctor. We are now waiting to
 see what can be offered to him job wise because he cannot be a package
 driver with the restrictions from the doctor.  His TAW immediately
 cancelled same day of doctor release.  How long can he be on workmans comp
 while settling and do you know what kind of options the company will
 throw at us?

Your husband most likely will not be offered another job. 
I hope you have followed the progress on a national class-action suit brought by UPSers that weren't offered a job after an injury that prevented the employee from returning to the job he/she previously had. The law firm representing the UPSers contends that this is a violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).  You may want to become part of that lawsuit, if you husband is not offered another position within the company. Sometimes, the Workers' Comp insurance carrier has tried to place injured workers outside the company. That isn't the same thing as another job at UPS.

Workers' Comp varies from state to state. I strongly recommend you seek legal council to protect your rights. 

If the injury is serious enough to prevent your husband from ever working agin, UPS may offer a cash settlement.  Keep in mind that UPS will drop medical coverage for both employee and family after 6 months or 12 months depending on the contract (Collective Bargaining Agreement). This will happen even if your husband is still being paid workers' compensation. Also realize that any future employment may not have the same pay scale as UPS. All these things should be weighed in any settlement that you are offered.  

UPS will have professional claim settlement experts and lawyers attempting to cost- contain the settlement. The compnay may advise you NOT to get an attorney as that will lessen your settlement. Investigators also may be sent to "observe and record" any restricted activities your husband my perform.  In other words, don't let him paint the house or build a deck if these actiivites are not allowed under the strictest interpretation of the doctor's orders.
do you think the teamsters would of been better off with
 leedham as head of teamsters?he supports tdu.but retiree's would have the
 right to vote on contracts.plus anything over 9.50 would be double
 time.they would lists things for contract and say this is our offer.

That's kinda like asking "Would we be better offf if Gore had been elected?"
Would Leedham (or Gore) have kept his campaign promises?
Would either have been tough enough?
Would these candidates have gotten what they wanted from their adversaries?
It's impossible to intelligently speculate on these things. It is what it is.
My husband works as a Driver at UPS -NJ for a little over a year from 5/2006 , he previously worked there as a PT Supervisor for near 2 years> from 2000-2002.  He is a FT Driver but was only> working 1-2 days per week if that from July -Nov,> then he worked more during Xmas rush, but in early> Jan he was verbally laid off with benefits.  I> noticed that on his last paycheck they have not> taken any union dues out since Jan.  I plan on> calling the HR dept, but I am curious to know if we> will have to pay back dues?  It was not our fault> that they were not taken out.  My hubby was laid off> from Jan through mid May, I don't know if they> forgot to retake out dues or what.  Also, where can> I find out what the union contract says etc for our> benefit?  I thought that after 1 year, you get 5 opt> days, 3 sick days & 40 vacation hours, but my> husband was only given 36 Vac hours, 0 opt days & 3> sick days.  Any info would be greatly appreciated> before I call HR so I can speak with knowledge.> ThanksThe standard for a year's credit toward vacation here, in Chicago, was 1250 hours straight time. As for Union dues during lay-off, it depends on the CBA. Their answers are in your CBA period.  Under the last contract here (705 & 710) if you were off on a workers comp you could receive a withdrawal card exempting payment of dues. In previous contracts, when an employee was off the job workers (workers' comp, layoff's, injuries off the job) you were obligated to pay Union Dues. However the dues weren't as much money as they are now. Either way the CBA is the governing document for each area across the country._________________________________________________________________________________ One fact critical to the outcome of the new 2008 UPS/Teamster 
contract will be the "health" of the Central States Pension Plan.  As a 
Midwest retiree of 4 years now (UPS package car), I am confused about 
the CURRENT status of the ERISA score for Central States and the "deal" 
made with the IRS/PBGC involving an extended time period for Central 
States to meet certain Fund liability standards.  If the PBGC takes over 
the fund, the party is over, and the odds of this happening has to play 
a huge role in the strength of Teamster negoiations with UPS.  If it's 
all about the money, then the $20 plus billion in the Central States 
Pension Fund will be trump card at the poker table. After doing my 
homework to find this above information, I am still in the dark.  Can you 
shed any light on these important numbers?  Thank you.

No one wants to be in the "Pension Business", anymore.  Not any union and certainly not any company.  Some pension plans have done a terrific job managing the risk and yet yielded returns that protected the benefits to the pension plan participants. Unfortunately Teamster Central States Pension Fund is not one of those plans. An example of a superbly managed plan is the $30 billion Teamsters' Western Conference Pension Plan that reported that it is 100% funded as of December, 2006. 

The Central States Plan was 60.5% funded as of November, 2005. (The 2006 report has not been filed.) Central States has, however, reported a 14.45% return on its money for 2006. So it is very possible that the fund was more than 62% funded by November, 2006 and may be close to 64% funded by the end of 2007. The pension's current obligations are thought to be approximately 33 billion dollars. 

The PBGC doesn't want to take over the Central State Fund so special provisions were made for Central States in the recent Pension Reform Legislation.  Even if UPS was to buy its way out of the Central States Pension Plan, current retirees would get their pensions from Central States. The $4 billion buyout amount (that is being negotiated) is UPS's share of the underfunding. It is generally believed that UPS would recoup this amount in a few years. The Central States Fund (if this buyout occurs) would be  74% funded.  
  • $24.5 bil. (funding) / $33 bil. (obligation) = .7424 

What changes could UPS do to the pension plan? (NABER speculations)

  • Reduce the pension by the amount of social security received. (They already do this to management pensions)
  • Change to a lump sum pension. (As a single company pension plan, this is allowed.)
  • Change over completely to a defined contribution plan, from the defined benefit plan. (The pension be replaced by some sort of 401k with company contributions)

Hope this made it more understandable....
For more on this topic see MakeUPSdeliver.org.
About re-employment rules what catergories of work are 
allowed? For example: sales by phone for example. Is there a list of excepted 
work? You know before I retired I called the fund and the lady said 
"only in recent years have we began to speak about re-employment 
rules". I said "I never missed a penison meeting and there were always lots 
of questions about what we could do anything as long as you do [don't] take a 
teamsters job". UPS is full of lyars, but I think the teamsters have them 
beat. naber forward a list if you can. 

Each pension plan sets its own policies of re-employment, so there are probably 21 different sets of rules.  In general, you are prohibited from engaging in Industry Employment. One of the pension plan defines this as:

  • "Any public or private work covered, or of the type covered, by any Collective Bargaining Agreement, including any work performed as an employee, supervisor, manager, consultant, sole proprietor, member of an unincorporated form or partnership, of officer of a corporation, as well as all employment by an Employer and all employment which involves supervision or management of employees enganged in work which is covered, or of the type covered, by any Collective Bargaining Agreement..."

Many of the other plans are similar in language. What does this all mean? Let me give you some true examples:
I can't work for my town because all town employees are Teamsters.
I can't take a job as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, teacher, janitor or airline employee because these jobs are covered by a CBA.
I can't work as a woodworker building trade show displays because part of the job entails assembling the display at convention centers and that would take work away from union employees.
I can't work at a Walmart or Home Depot because my local represents K-Mart warehouse employees.
I can be an accountant, lawyer, stock broker, minister or doctor (but not a nurse). 
I can design websites, own a landscaping service, or sell real estate.

The UPS retirement club (PUPS), based in Chicago, keeps records of every job that one of its members is allowed to take. In that manner, they can fight inconsistances in enforcement of the re-employment rules. 

drivers in so.il.district.so.il.div.don't like are [our] div.mgr.we 
hate him.what if 80% of the drivers got upset one day and called in 
sick. call it a brown out day.please answer?

"Brown Outs" have been tried before, though, they are rare.  NABER has not heard of any of these job actions that resulted in a mass firing.  80% participation is quite high.  It would make quite a statement.  Usually only about half the drivers actually call in.
What are the objectives? Force a transfer of the Div. Mgr. or just have him lighten up? Would it be effective? This depend if this Div. Mgr  was brought in to kick some butt. Or he could just  be a another "rogue" manager on a power trip.  
Another consideration is if management learns the date of the "Brown Out" it will compensate and have management (from all over) ready to man the trucks. How will the District Manager learn the reason of the job action?  Is the Dist. Mgr. aware of the actions of the Div. Mgr. that has caused such a strong responce from a large percentage of employees? 
Are there a number of union grievances, complaining of specific actions by this manager?
Have the grievances been taken seriously? Grievances would be a manner to document the intolerable actions of this Div. Mgr. 
You didn't state why this manager is so disliked.  Is he is racist, sexist, demeaning to subordinates, vulgar, or all of the above.  Has a attorney been consulted about the possibility of there being a hostile workplace?
 In a related email:
710 member,ups driver in so.il dist.drivers working in trucks 
off the clock prior to starttime.and working mealtime  report this problem 
to the intl and h.r.for action. ups is being sued in some states for 
allowing to go on.
Yeah, Im in unload and the boxes rub together and when I 
I eat the dust, I think It`s given me brown lung.And cuz we`re 
understaffed I head down to preload right around when the cars start idling,and 
the exhaust is in your face..are we in a "health network"?
does that mean I can`t choose my own doctor for disability?what if 
healthcare hasn`t kicked in yet? Do I have to report the lung damage 
within 30 days of realizing it might be work related, to be able to
sue at a later date? 

You can't get "Brown Lung" from package dust or diesel exhaust. Or was that supposed to be funny. Either way, report a work related illness. Go to their doctor. Each state is different as to the time you must report the illness. Use some common sense: Wear a dust mask if it bother you so much. When you get company heathcare, see your own doctor. Always get a second opinion. The doctors that the company uses..... they are paid for by the company. They aren't exactly impartial.  They may be looking for a way to save the company money, not your ultimate well being.
My name is ***** I don't know if I was discriminated or not 
but would like to find out if possible.Ifound out that I had HEPATITUS 
C and told my General Foreman the next day and asked him for a lay off 
cause I didnt know that much about the disease at the time.Well what 
I'm saying is he laid me off that morning and went back after I told him 
not to tell anybody about my problem and went back and told everybody 
in the main office on the job site that I had HEP-C and they needed to 
go and get checked out by a Doctor.I believe he violated the 
"Employee/Employer Confidentiality Act." Could you give me some input on what I 
should do about the situation that has arose by my ex-employer and what I 
can do about it please?

Your HIPAA rights were violated. HIPAA is the confidentiality that is supposed to exist between you and every employer and healthcare provider. The reality is really sad. Almost no one has been prosecuted in the 10 years of HIPAA.  It's basically a feel good law that isn't enforced. The 1st Criminal Verdict was handed out in January, 2007. Only 39 cases have been procecuted. SOURCE.
Why are the re-employment rules for retirees different 
depending on what fund that you are in?Why don't they make uniform rules in 
all funds?

Each pension fund sets their own re-employment rules.  They make their own investment decisions. Each is autonomous.
If UPS dropped a package off at the wrong destination can you 
keep it?

Ethically, it would be wrong.... By asking the question you obviously don't have a problem with that part. Was it signed for or just left by your door? Did you admit that you had the package? Was it expensive enough that UPS might take you to court and generally harass you? Are you willing to never receive a package (assuming it was a home delivery) without signing for it? Did I mention that it was ethically wrong?
Can a qualified full-time package car driver request to go 
back to his former part-time position within his first year of being 

Usually there is a 30 day probationary period where a full timer makes it or not. If you are asking if 360 days after taking a FT position, can one go back to part time, mostly likely not.  If it was advantagous to management, however, it might be allowed.

terminated while on workers comp back to work and have not had 
a hearing what is the next step in ohio

Consult with a Workers' Comp Attorney and also file a grievance with the union.


i was terminated while on workers comp for opening a buisness 
while collecting temporay dis. ups had me video tape at the buisness do 
i have a leg to stand on at my greivance what should i do

That's a common theme, apparently. Where you on comp. or on disability? One implies an injury at work. The other is an injury not at work.
Some general advice: Don't work while on workers' compensation.  Don't paint the house. Don't sod your lawn.  Don't work somewhere else (even if it is for yourself).  UPS may send investigators to check on you.  It's against the National collective bargaining agreement, but they do it anyway.  If you are working while being paid not to work, you won't have much of a legal basis for getting your job back.


i was terminated 2 weeks before i was scheduled to have 
surgery on a work related injury and have an open workmens comp case

Even if your termination sticks, Brown must pay for your surgery. Ask your attorney about filing a retalliation suit.
I am a UPS supervisor and have been with the company 9 years. 
Almost 3yrs ago UPS began paying part-time supervisors on a 27.5hr work 
week. The supervisors who were promoted prior are still being paid 
based on a 25hr work week. Meaning our pay didn't change although we're 
expected to work an extra 1/2hr a day without compensation. What legal 
rights do I have after all company avenues have been exhausted? 

Be glad that you are not full time.  
Actually, there was a class action suit for PT sups a couple years ago. I don't know if it went anywhere.
Do you folks have any info on sites/links that would be more 
applicable for a UPS managerial (disgruntled) employee?

To our knowledge, there are none. If you were to go through NABER's links you will find many lawsuits that have been brought by management against the company.  In fact, many of the largest settlements have been obtained by management lawsuits.  Unfortuantely many links to news stories are pulled after a time.
A driver had a rollaway in feeders. It went all the way to the 
panel and the driver was discharged. I have evidence of multiple other 
feeder drives who had rollaways some with two and much more damage in 
relation to this one . Is there any legal means to pursue this with this 
evidence of other drivers reinstated but this driver being discharged?

NABER has heard of other incidents where the "rollaway rule" has not been equally enforced. Some "rogue" management has used the rule to get rid of drivers they don't want and keep others.  The NLRB (National Labor Relation Board) is the next step. The process is not quick and there are time limitations in filing. If the union made no real effort to defend the driver, other laws may have been violated.


 I am currently on the feeder qualified
 list.Recently drivers with less seniority than I
 have were moved off the qualified list onto the
 feeder seniority list. This seems to me to be a
 violation of my seniorty rights and the union will
 not back me up. What should I do?

Seniority is seniority. If its being violated and drivers are being given preference, then a grievance is in order. If the Unon doesn't honor the grievance, then its time for a charge to be filed with the NLRB and the IRB in Washington.

a UPS driver was seriously injured when the entire 
windshield flew out of the P700 and wrapped around his head.  This was not 
the original windshield, but one that had recently been replaced.  We 
believe this is the result of a product design defect on the P700.  Have 
you heard of any similar events occurring across the nation? 

When mechanics replace windshields, they don't always/usually replace the grommet that surrounds the glass and in effect keeps the glass in place.  These grommets could be 10-15 years old. In a replaced windshield, the grommets leak because they aren't put back exactly as the factory did. Some mechanics do a better job of replacing the grommet and others just silicone caulk the heck out of it.
It is not like the windshields in automobiles that air pressure forces the glass against the frame of the windshield.
If the rubber had dried or hardened it probably would not do a good job of holding the glass in place. I would bet the grommet in question has been misplaced/thrown away by accident. Some areas of the country have installed additional hardware to "catch" the windshield in case of grommet failure.
The design probably isn't the problem but rather the reuse of an old grommet could be negligent. But that is an opinion of someone who is neither a legal or mechanical professional. UPDATED 4/28/07

Hi I am currently a part time supervisor at a UPS in New 
Jersey. I am going through the promotion process. I have to drive for a few 
months then I return as a full time supervisor. I have a serious 
question, whats the starting pay for a full time supervisor in operations. I 
do have the option to remain a driver and get into the union. Career 
wise and money wise, which is the better road to take? Will I make much 
more money as a Full time Supervisor, or a Full Time Driver?

Starting pay varies from area to area and also by your education level. As a FT sup, seniority drivers will make more money than you. You will put more hours in than the drivers and many days perform drivers' job functions.
You will be expected to own stock. The stock used to be a good investment. Now it is "dead money". It sells, today (4/14/07), at the same price it did when it went public. It pays a less than spectacular 2.4% dividend. Wall Street doesn't expect it to grow quickly in the future. FedEx and others will likely continue to take market share. The exclusiveness and financial reward of owning stock as a management "partner" is over.
Expect to be offered a buyout after you reach 50. Some that didn't take the offer found themselves demoted and becoming a driver supervisor again.
But let's assume that you are a great leader. You make manager. You now have to own even more of the Brown stock.  You find that your job is not to manage but rather to make Industrial Engineering's (IE) plan work.  Watch your supervisors closely, if they cheat on the numbers it may be your job.
Talk to the drivers who have been around for a while. Ask them how the company has changed. Then make an informed decision. 

Hi...im from new orleans LA...i moved to new jersey after 
hurricane katrina.  after i moved here...i got lucky enough to walk right 
into a full time package car driver position.  i have been here a year 
almost. I miss my home...i miss my family...what is the reason that ups 
will not allow me to transfer and do i have any options other than to 
just quit here and hope to get hired back down there ?

Yes, you will have to quit and hope to get rehired.  But why not apply in NOLA while you are still working in NJ? I doubt that you could just waltz into a driving position in "Nawlins".  Talk to drivers down there, ask them if the employment situation is still desperate.
Why doesn't Brown allow transfers even in exceptional cases?  The quick and easy answer is that it's not in their best interest. I bet 25% of the drivers would want to move someplace warmer or dryer or closer to family or just someplace else. It would be a logistic human resource mess.  Some areas would be near impossible to staff if drivers could take their chances on getting a better route in a better location. Or drivers might chose work location on the basis of retirement benefits. Get out of Central States and work where "25 and out" still exists.


when hired by ups i filled out application for teamsters and 
they started taking union and initialation fees from my check i already 
pay most of the since ive been working there for 3 mos. but i received 
the same for in the mail from teamsters saying i owe that money that 
they havent received anything and that im not even on the computer as a 
teamster member so i called my hub and they said to take paycheck to 
teamster office but teamster office says its ups,so i dont know what to do 
i need a ups phone number i can call to clear this out.

One would think the Teamsters would want to get involved in getting lost initiation fees and dues.  One would think that a UPS manager would care enough about a new employee to get a payroll mistake fixed.
It really only takes a phone call to get this fixed.  Attack the situation from both sides. Ask to speak to the division HR manager.  Also tell your union steward of the situation.  If the division HR person blows you off, file a greivance.  

Can the company move a driver off the feeder qualified list without that driver moving into a permant new feeder position.
Yes, there are circumstances that you can be taken off the "feeder list". Sometimes drivers get on the list, then didn't want to go when the opportunity arose for some personal reason. They want to remain on the list after turning down the first opportunity. In some locals, refusal of opportunity gets one  removed from the list all together.  Some folks are wishy washy, or their significant other doesn't want them to work nights, or they don't want to leave their route because Xmas is coming and they want their gratuities. Bottom line, check with your steward.
Does anyone know a rough estimate of what part time 
supervisors pay starts at?
Not enough... Remain a union worker.

i work in metro new york we just had elections and
 the old guard won again and now we goto work this
week and the union tells us that the trustee board
met and our pension is getting cut starting
january,that was thursday and we recieved notice at
home friday,the union says they a mad and we cant
strike or take a strike vote just wait it out.i feel
we should take action but feel we r getting
railroaded.this is local 804 funny how we get this
after the election wtf can we do

Folks, unfortunately Congress passed a supposed Pension Reform Bill earlier this year. Specifically the "Red Zone" effect that covers Multi-Employer Plans, allowing certain adjustments, reductions, limited funding, and other adverse changes that you folks in Local 804 are being subjected to.

In order for you to make an educated assessment of what is taking place, you need to request the following documents.

1 The Plan Documents,
2. The Summary Plan Description (SPD)
3. The 5500 forms for the last five calendar years.

Then make yourself familiar with ERISA. The law can be found on-line, downloaded and printed. Don't let this be a daunting overwhelming task. Exercise common sense and good judgment. The folks in Central States have been fighting a valiant fight for several years, over reductions. Get involved with some of those folks and ask for guidance.

Then you need to get some help in deciphering all of the above, to get a grip on whether or not the reductions are warranted. We here in Chicago put together a group of individuals to thoroughly read, check and otherwise scrutinize every aspect of investments, and payouts.

Make sure you understand the appeal structure and how to request documents. Some rough drafts can be found on the NABER site; http://www.homestead.com/pupsinc/downloads.html

Good luck!!


NABER, Can the company hold a driver
accountable to a fair day's work?  If the driver
knows he is given the company a fair day's work each
day, but is continually harass for stops per hour. 
Can the company hold a driver accountable if a
supervisor been on car with driver to determine
stops per hour.  Understanding that the company
determines the standard and control's such
standards.  How can I stop the harassment?

NABER asked one of our anti-harassment specialists to reply. He responded:
"Work as directed to a fault. Follow each and every rule, safety requirement, etc. Take all your lunches and breaks. Keep accurate records of each days activities, by carrying a tape recorder for you to record each and every problem that arises. Then train your recorder to recognize your voice and you will be able to download it to your computer, so you can have a hard copy if needed. Sony makes the best voice activated recorders, has a Digital Voice Editor, and when combined with "SCANSOFT" Dragon Naturally Speaking, you will have better records than BROWN has.

However, DO NOT record the supervisor, or manager, unless you ask their permission, which they may or may not give. 

When you don't have a rider or on car sup with you for a while, request that one be assigned to you because you miss him/her and are getting lonesome. If your CBA has a specific amount of rides over a specific amount of time, and its violated, make sure you file a grievance. 

Bottom line is that whatever you do is considered "a fair days work" for a "fair days pay" as long as your not sleeping, goofing off, or otherwise not attending to business. It continues to amaze me that folks don't stand up for themselves by becoming more professional and assertive. 

Above all else maintain the high ground, NEVER allow yourself to succomb to lowering yourself to managements level. Be polite, smile, hold your head high, be proud of yourself and your performance. Keep your hands in your pockets when talking to management so you don't do anything foolish, like shaking one of their hands. If one of them makes shaking hands an issue, just say; "I'm particular about whose hand I shake"!

The above worked well for me for over 30 years."


I was injured in an auto accident 4 yrs ago, now that I am 
going to receive money for the insurance company UPS wants some! This had 
nothing to do with them, how are they entitled to any of it?? Please 
help this frustrated UPSERS wife!! (Thanks!!)

What NABER believes happened: When you were injured you went to the emergency room and perhaps your own doctor after that. And maybe even had some physical therapy.  Each time you saw a healthcare provider you handed them your UPS INSURANCE CARD.  That's how UPS became involved.  UPS is self-insured. Blue Cross or Aetna (or whoever) just processes the paperwork. UPS actually is the ultimate payer of the bills.
ACCENT INSURANCE RECOVERY SYSTEMS (or similar company) contacted you about the accident. You answered their questions in good faith and truthfully. ACCENT determined that there was another party responsible for your bills that the accident incurred.  Accent informed the other driver's insurance company that UPS had a legal and legitimate interest in any settlement. UPS wants to be reimbursed for bills that it paid for you and that you are now being compensated for.
See NABER's INJURY PAGE. When there is a lawsuit involved, all information requests should go through your attorney. What you say may be used against you....

Does anybody know of a Pharmacy in Central Indiana, that I can 
go to that takes UPS's Aetna directly.  My husband is a Part-timer.  I 
had heard StatScript in Indianapolis did, but I just called and they 
had no clue what I was talking about. I would love to be able to go to a 
Pharmacy and not have to pay for it for it first, then wait for 
whenever Aetna decides to reimburse us.  It really hurts when I go to fill a 
prescription that's $165 bucks and still haven't received the previous 
refills reimbursement.  Thanks!

Thanks to the UPSer that answered this question....
Tucker Pharmacy on 1650 East Raymond St 
Indianapolis, IN  46203 phone is 317-784-7979 

what do I have to do to put my daughter on my insurance plan

Call the Benefit Service Center 1-800-UPS-1508. But there are restrictions on when you can enroll dependents onto your Health and Welfare (H&W)  Package. If you are newly eligible for H&W or if you have a life event (i.e. Your daughter is newly born or adopted) you have 60 days to add coverage. If you don't enroll a dependent within 60 days of a life event, you will have to wait to the annual enrollment which happens late in the year for coverage to begin January 1 of the next year. These restrictions are regulated by the IRS.


i was recently discharged from a company due to 
insubordination. both the supervisor and myself got into a heated arguement and she 
called me a name then i called her a name then she said i called her a 
even worse name but i didn'. later they showed me a statement they claim 
to have  been written and signed by one employee that was present during 
the argument. i also admitted to the name calling when the showed the 
written statement. i realized the statement had been written by someone 
that hadn't been present on one sheet of paper and signed on another 
blank sheet of paper by the emloyee present. when i expressed that was 
like submitting a false statement i was told because i admitted to name 
calling i would still being discharged. i need to know what are my rights.

You don't say if the company that discharged you was UPS, but you raise a good point.
Laws of evidence don't really apply in situations like this. That's why a union steward is a good person to take into any situation where an employee may be disciplined or discharged. Don't admit to anything. 'Management tricked me in to admitting I name called' (or stole or any other cardinal offense) is not an adequate defense. You admitted to the wrong doing. 


so.il.dist mgr.local 710.turn there back when drivers are working 
off the clock.working during mealtime.working in there trucks prior 
to start time.what should we do? wish to .remain anonmous.

You could talk to these drivers, explain to them how they are just hurting their own paycheck. Impress on how they are hurting all the drivers by perpetuating unrealistic work standard.  Get the union stewart to shag them out of their trucks. But the unfortunate truth is that these drivers don't care, won't listen, and will continue to work off-the-clock as long as they work for Brown.

Being a steward or an alternate steward requires at times 
getting information from the company to defend a grievance, with saying 
that, if I ask for information through the company and my business agent 
does not support my request is there any thing else I can  do?  What 
kind of information can I ask for?  How long can I go back? Can you 
suggest or recommend any education material on this matter?  

Check out http://www.workrightspress.com/lrus.html which is a very informative book for questions about Stewards' legal rights and obligations and information gathering.  A lot of information gathering is trial and error. You can request it, if the company provides it, great; if not, how much legal action do you want to go to and what will the consequences be. You can request anything and everything you want of course, how far they will go back depends on the records they have and their willingness to cough up. As far as your BA not supporting your efforts, that's an internal Local problem and not addressed in the book. That's something that can only be fixed by having a come to Jesus with the BA. Either you're in this together or you're not. 


I've been a driver for the past 17 years, being 45 years old 
my body is wearing out.  I've just gone thru the first two phrases of 
the promotion process.  I can't seem to get any answers on supervisors 
salary.  I know supervisor's job can be stressful, but it has to be 
better than driving, right? 

Better is a real subjective word.  You've been there 17 years. Right? You've seen a lot of bad stuff done to drivers (by their supervisors) that didn't deserve it, I would bet. 
  • Guys got injured and then got screwed around by the company on their workers' comp. or forced back to work too soon. 
  • Guys would work their butt off and still get pulled in the office for being slackers.
  • Guys got fired for a b.s. reason just to keep everyone else in line.
And you thought to yourself, if I was ever a supervisor, I wouldn't be like that. Think again. You will be working more hours than you ever thought possible and lying about the amount that you work. The amount you get paid per hour will go down drasticly. You'll accept a lot of little lies told you by upper managagement, until you think they are true (brainwashing). And you may find yourself doing the very things you said you would "never" do.
Still sound better?


In january of 05 i was hit by a drunk driver while moving 
packages in the back of my p800.I broke my shoulder and severly strined my 
neck. all together workers comp claim was 21,000. this will all be paid 
back because i have sued the man who hit me.
 This past january i let a customer who i deliver cod packages everyday 
have a pakage and pay me the next day.  UPS found out and i was honest 
about it. The customer did pay and there was no loss of money. i told 
my supervisor i trusted customer, and i thought i was responable for 
package and i would have paid.I was fired and not granted a meeting at the 
local level as layed out in union book. At the arbitration meeting 
neither my supervisor, Tim Bassett or Jim Listro,acting District manager 
who signed my termination lrtter were present.  Mr Listro never talked to 
me personally.
 In the 6 months prior to my termination drivers have had rollaways, 
taken out of state personal checks that bounced insted on required 
certifed funds, been in accidents off route meeting other drivers, and 1 
driver claiming to have followed another driver around all day for safty 
reasons, got caught not doing it, stll put in for days pay.
All these drivers who actually cost ups money still work today.
 While i admitted to breaking a policy, I did only in the name of 
customer service.Although customer did pay, Ups still went down to his 
business abd thretened him with legal action

The lesson to be learned in the email above is to never let a customer talk you into not collecting a C.O.D. It's viewed as stealing.  It really is the same as if you stole a package from the company and gave it to the customer. Even if he pays for it the next day doesn't negate the fact that you stole. Would you write a personal check to cover the cost of the package and then hope the customer paid you? Probably not. The reason BROWN threatened the customer with legal action is because he knowingly received the stolen merchandise. They are trying to deter the customer from manipulating the next driver they send there to deliver.

The fact that the rules aren't enforced equally is a separate issue. If UPS enforced every rule... with every driver... every day, they couldn't keep the place staffed. Besides, holding the threat of termination over the drivers' head is a great motivating factor.

And finally, you filed a workers comp claim. You have $21,000 of the company's money that may or may not be paid back.... if you win that much as a settlement in the lawsuit. Your lost time added to the company's DART (Days Away from work, Restricted work or jobTransfer)  injuries. The company has to report DART injuries to OSHA.  In addition to that, the company has been found to retaliating against injury repeaters as a COMPANY POLICY. An attorney in Florida proved that fact to the extent of a $6 million settlement. You were a marked man as soon as you filed the workers comp claim.

i have worked for UPS since nov. 2005 and still employed in UPS inTX.
i started as a unloader in the pre-load part of the operation.
about 1.5 months later, i had a chance to try my position as a package 
truck driver because i have a CDL- class A driver license.
i used to drive a trailer truck before i came to UPS.

about 17 days driving as a package truck driver, on a Friday, i was 
placed to drive alone without a supervisor the air shipment was late in 
the hub and i did not get the chance to start my route until 9:15am ,,the 
air packages need to be delivered by 10:30am,,
i was still loaded with the same amount of air packages as the days 
before,,and imagine i could make it, i did not complain..and by 10:30am, i 
had 1 air package late..

on the same day ,unluckliy, by 3pm, the UPS truck broke down on me,it 
was raining, i turned on the lights and then i had a dead battery on the 
truck, i called the center, they did not send a working truck to me 
until 1 hr later, when i called ,the center's machanic was instructing  me 
a few ways trying to get the truck started, but it would not, due to 
the incident, my supervisor and manager did not take the pickup stops 
from me,,they still wanted to make it to the pick up even i am 1 hr late 
then the usual pick up time.

then i came back to the hub,,the supervisor told me that they needed to 
speak to me the next morning. my regular supervisor was not around, so 
another supervisor told me that.

the next morning, i went to work, my manager told me that i failed 
their expectation and i can not drive anymore, this was the 17th day 
driving, if i remember correctly, all new drivers have 30 days to try.  i did 
not where to turn to,,so i gave up. i never tried so hard in my whole 
life to work so hard to impress any company except UPS,,i was really 
trying to make it..for those 17 days, i did not even have time to eat 
lunch and even take pees during driving. i lost about 20 lbs. and then they 
told me i did not make it!!! i was always praised for those 17 days 
that i  was one of their safest driver,,i think 1 air pacakage was 
delivered a few minutes late and the truck broke on me were not really my 
fault, on that Friday, i also kept the center informed of what were 
happening because we are supposed to keep them informed all the time.

when i went back to the unload and then still working now in unload. i 
was seeing supervisors, managers in the preload yelling at me and at 
other co-employees. i said something is very wrong with UPS. i am still 
working in UPS,,and like to stay if the conditions can be improved!!!!

Sad to say, this story is repeated many, many time.  Perhaps this explains why such a large number of rookies don't make it.
The author of The Big Brown Lie, James Earls, is not under any 
restraining orders.  Nor has he sold out to UPS to have his book 
removed from public access.  He is involved in marketing his book by 
alternate means.  His website should be restored in due time.  Books are 
available at a bookstore located in Fayetteville, TN.  Call information for 
the number.  I don't have the name.  He does return calls when he is 
home to receive them.  His number is listed.  Call information for that 
number.  I spoke to him personally on March 13, 2006.   

Free speech triumphs.


UPS's latest trick for hiring management.  Seems there is a 
'new' online test that has to be taken to begin the process of promotion 
and you have to 'pass' the test to continue.  Of course, the questions 
are subjective but you still have to pass.  The way the Center Managers 
are getting their choice for promotion in ...is of course, by cheating.  
They are signing on the test, putting in all relevant information, then 
calling in the candidate that they know will pass and telling him/her 
that that is their test and to begin.  The employee never sees if it 
really is their test, etc...until very much later...several months and the 
scores come back.  The big clue here is to check the date of your test.  
Two employees in a GA center had 'test taken' dates different from the 
date they actually took the test.  One was earlier and one was later.  
The one who took it first was the one the CM wanted to be 
promoted...she actually failed, but since her information was put on the test for 
the other candidate, it appeared she passed and he didn't....

Corruption by Center Managers is hardly a new topic. How many CMs have been canned when they get caught fixing the "numbers"?  But this is a new twist. This is similar to when drivers are given the answers when tested for mandatory safety tests.  Of course that cheating puts employees and the public at risk when drivers don't know how to handle hazardous material spills, for instance. The alleged cheating on management tests merely puts more corrupt folks into management. The ethical response to this cheating would be for the management candidate to "blow the whistle" on him/herself. That will rarely happen. Corruption begats corruption. And lack of ethics hurts any organization. 


is ups and or the teamsters supposed to inform all out going 
employees of all, if any benefits they are entitled too.rather its due 
to a injury,retirement,fired or any other way.  THANK YOU!

The only info that the company is required to give is the COBRA Insurance notification.


If I have a relitive working for ups, can I still apply and 
gain employment at ups?

Relatives can work at UPS, just not in the same work area. This is different than it was in the late 70's, or the 80's, and 90's. Staffing was such a problem by the end of the '90's that the policy was changed. 
It used to be that working at UPS part-time not only was the best paying PT job anywhere, some folks made it their only job. Now, you can make that kind of money working in much less strenuous retail jobs.


i have 18 years in at ups 1983 thru 2001. i finally got social security benifiets after a 3 year wait. had to wait for law judge hearing. can i still recieve my pension benifiets after waiting 3 years to file for it. i was told from the teamsters to wait for my ssd hearing to see if i would win my case, and i did. i guess i am now legaly disabled.     THANK YOU

It is NABER's understanding that one needs to qualify for Social Security Disability and have 15 years of service to receive a Disability Pension. The SSD is retroactive to the date filed but the pension is not.  If anyone has received retroactive Disability Pension please let NABER know.


I will try to answer this question as simply as possible without too much "Wall Street Jargon". One way to measure stocks is to look at the price/earnings ratio. On 1/31/06, the P/E ratio for UPS is roughly 23. FDX's P/E is 20. That makes UPS a more expensive stock to own (based on its earnings). Analysts estimate (guess) that both stocks will grow in value (price) between 12-14% this year. And it is important to note that, part of the higher P/E for UPS can be explained by its stock's higher dividend. $.32 a share for FDX versus the $1.32 that UPS stock pays. Also consider that you buy UPS stock at a discount to the market when you participate in the stock buying plan.

All that being said, diversification is really very important. And not just by company but also by industry. In other words, don't put all you eggs in the transportation industry. Some analyst think that the banking industry looks good after the Federal Reserve stops raising rates. You may want to check out CNBC, which is a wealth of investment ideas. 

This is in relation to the guy with the rollaway...
In Augusta, there is a member of our supervisory team who received a 
PROMOTION after he had a rollaway as a driver!!!!  Strangely, his 
father-in-law was/is a member of the Augusta National Golf Course (The 
Masters)and he was promoted shortly after the Center Manager and District 
Manager spent a day golfing at the National.

Why does this promotion NOT surprise me.? It's  not what you know, it's who you stroke (with).
Obviously the "cardinal" violation is disciplined differently.  Of course, this doesn't help the UPSer who got fired.  If someone would send NABER the name of this sup and date of the accident, we will pass it along. That being said, if they had the accident report... it would be EVEN BETTER.  BROWN allegedly loses a lot of evidence when lawyers t(for the harmed employee) try to obtain in in discovery.
UPDATE: NABER received this info and has passed it on.... Thanks for documenting alleged corruption.

I have been with UPS for past 3.5 years as a part-time 
supervisor. I am interested becoming a full-time supervisor. I work in North 
Illinois District. I was advised to submit a resume to my boss and HR. 
My question is that based on my clean service record and running a 
largest international operation in th country, how would I be treated and 
what startegy I should use to get promoted sooner? I am also in school 
will be finishing my degree within next two years.

You've been with Brown for three and a half years and you have never observed how supervisors are treated? And you haven't even noticed how Brown rewards those who make their numbers.  
Stay in school. Get your degree. Get an advanced degree. Teach.
For more insights, read a recent posting at Teamster.net


The new Medicare "D" Prescription program that goes into 
effect on January 1,2006 seems to be a very confusing issue. Information and 
or election packages sent out to retirees that have enjoyed up to 
$1,500.00 annually toward presciptions shows that UPS is dropping the 
coverage, one option shows UPS to be dropping the plan and another has the 
retiree losing a considerable amount of coverage. Is anything being done 
to help the retiree's or their spouses understand what or how to 
respond to the doccuments and booklets sent to them? Also has there been any 
investigation as to why UPS is able to abandon the current level of 
benefits awarded to the retiree's over the past years. I have checked with 
other retiree's from Ford Motoer Company, Coca Cola and even a State 
Employee and all have the option to continue the current level of 
benifits and keep the same Prescription Drug plan as prior to Medicare Plan 
"D". Is UPS using a new Federal Government Program to camoflouge reduced 
coverages for it's retiree's?

NABER members received a second letter from MEDCO concerning YOURx PLAN. It states, 
  • " You may have recently recived a letter from us informing you about YOURx Plan from Medco....Due to a mailing error, the letter stated that this plan was "brought to you by UPS." It's important that we clarify that UPS is not affiliated with nor specifically endorses this plan."
But UPS must have sold or given your name to MEDCO, which should be illegal if it's not. 
Since this plan is only for individuals who are eligible for MEDICARE, retirees who were not 65 or on Medicare Disability were not eligible anyway.
If UPS is dropping retiree prescription coverage in any area of the county, NABER is not aware of it. If it had, ERISA laws may have been violated and Collective Bargaining Agreements would have been broken.


How can I get a copy of "The Big Brown Lie"?

Good question!!! The author has taken down his website. He doesn't answer his phone, his emails, or even his regular mail. Can you say "restraining order"? Just a quess. It could be a condition of a (hopefully) giant settlement.
Having read the book, my review would say it is an accurate description of daily work life at Brown.


Ive worked with over 250 UPS employees handling 
thier IRA's from the thrift plan spin-off in 1999.  How do I network 
with the retirees that are part of the N.A.B.E.R. netork?...I understand the UPS culture of 
bleeding brown quite well and can bring a lot to the 
table as far as help with planning....

NABER doesn't endorse any individual financial planners, though we do appreciate retirees' need for them. As a suggestion, if you are going to solicit by email, link it to website or company. And spell check would look more professional (ie thier, netork). And what does the UPS culture really have to do with investments?


Yet another sadly funny story of mine about safety compliance at UPS. 

Our hub has a fan driven fresh-air circulation system that is designed to evacuate at least some of the fumes from vehicles idling or driving inside the building.

The fact that the system is pathetically substandard is irrelevant because the fans run on a timer. In theory, that timer activates when drivers are starting their vehicles at approximately 8:30 each morning. One would assume that the fan also would be needed when drivers returned to the building at the end of day.

The sole setting for the timer, however, was for the middle of the night, after sort shift and before preload shift. The only benefit imaginable is a drafty building for feeder drivers on break (all feeder tractors stay outside of the building... this is the sunshine state, after all). 

I can only surmise that UPS, always cognizant of that financial bottom line, discovered that electricity rates were lower during off-peak hours, such as the middle of the night. Both the appearance of compliance, and the benefits of cost efficiency... only at UPS.

A manual override for the timer is not used, and we all recognize the billowy haze of carcinogenic diesel smoke that rapidly fills the building when 400 package cars begin idling at the same time...all attempting to wiggle out of tight spaces in a building designed for half as many cars.

I know of at least one clerk in my center, an otherwise healthy non-smoker, who died from lung cancer, and there are other cases exist outside of my particular center. Diesel fumes are confirmed to contain an especially virulent carcinogen, and as a heavy airborn particulate, it lodges itself deep in the respiratory tract. Much like "black lung" in coal mining, I guess we can christen this malady as "brown lung disease." As lung cancer is not easily attributable to a specific pathogen, proving that 20 years of inhaling clouds of diesel was responsible for his cancer is something that doesn't appear in OSHA accident/ injury/ death reports. I do understand though, that the particular form of cancer caused by diesel fumes is somewhat unique in its pathology, but don't ask me details.

Gimme some enforcement with teeth, please.

Or at least some gas masks being issued


I have to say that you all are a bunch wacked out idiots 
wasting alot of time creating negativity toward a company that does more 
good than you do harm ! 

Thank you for your well thought out and articulated opinion. But is NABER creating negativity or are we merely reporting the negativity of the company toward its employees? If we help even one UPSer find justice then we are not wasting our time.  

I am a relatively new upser who needs some answers about 
the retirement plan. I have heard everything from 5 years to 10 years as 
a part-time supervisor to get vested.  Last night a fellow supervisor 
told me that after 10 years as a pt supervisor you get $1000.00 per 
month at retirement.  I just want to see anything in writing cause I can't 
find the info anywhere. 

Yes, seeing it in writing would be wise. Of course, a grand a month, 40 years from now, may not be so much. Gasoline might well be $25 a gallon. Average house price may be a cool million or two. Those are very conservative estimates.


"UPS is hiring individuals to work as full-time, temporary, 
seasonal Package Delivery Drivers. This is a physical, fast-paced, outdoor 
position that involves continual lifting, lowering and carrying 
packages that typically weigh 25 - 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. A DOT 
physical exam is required. Package Delivery Drivers must have excellent 
customer contact and driving skills, including the ability to operate a 
vehicle equipped with a standard (manual) transmission. Qualified 
applicants must have a valid driver’s license issued by this state. Package 
Delivery Drivers are expected to comply with UPS appearance guidelines 
and wear the company-provided uniform.
Full-time UPS employees work eight or more hours each weekday (Monday 
through Friday) and typically do not work on weekends or selected 
This if from the UPS web site,,kinda misleading with the average weight 
and up to 70lb required lifting.

Think if the website said: 'The packages may weigh up to 150 lbs. You as a driver are expected to somehow deliver these packages even up to the 3rd floor. Don't ask for help and we may not be able to provide you with a hand-truck. The physical nature of the job may completely wear you out. The stress of the job may cause stress related illness. Many individuals get hurt on this job.'
Who take the job?


To answer your question... It depends on your contract or more correctly your local's CBA (collective bargaining agreement). Some CBAs allow for 12 months of coverage for you and family if injured or disabled. Others allow for only six months. Your SPD (Summary of Plan Document) should tell you if your coverage ends after 6 or 12 months. 

That being said, you can purchase COBRA coverage after the coverage ends. Yes, I realize how expensive it is. But if things don't go well, it could be cheap in
comparison to your hospital bills.

NABER has been suggesting to UPSers for months that the Long Term Disability policy offered by the company might be the way to go. Under that policy you would receive a check and the insurance.

No! None of this is fair. No! Brown could not care less if you go on welfare. Brown should be covering UPSer equally for 12 months after an injury or disability or sickness.


fired leaving early and being out the following two nights 
brought in doctors note on return to work

Not enough info... see below.

Hello, i was in an accident in my ups vehicle and it was determined to be unavoidable . Also i was injured and given a 10% permanent injury which left me out of work, because my supervisor said i have to be at 100% to return.... have you heard of anyone in the same situation ?... Right now i have spent all my savings .. The other company that hit me had only $75000 in coverage and after workers comp and doctors bills it left me nothing...  What do i do next ...???        

Not enough details.  How many years service? Are there weight restrictions? Is a DOT Physical involved. Package, Air, Feeder? Was a grievance filed? What happened to TAW in your area? Workmans Comp should be paying until resolution of some kind. 

We need enough info to get a grasp on the situation. We edit out info that may identify you. NABER has people willing to help you plan a strategy, please email us again with your email address so we can be of assistance.


There was a website listed by some Attorneys concerning 
part-time supervisors pensions who worked for UPS before the year 2000?  I 
can't find that website?  I belief it was orginally posted in July?  I 
can't find that site?

Never saw a website. But NABER has had the info listed since July on the Attorneys PAGE.

Are you a current or former part time supervisor who worked at UPS
before January 2000? If so, you may not have been credited the full amount
owed to your pension. We would like to speak with you regarding information you may have. Contact;
Walters & Caietti, Pope, Berger & Williams, LLP
Advertisement- Chicago Tribune, July 10, 2005.
i been with ups for 20 years. the first 13.5 years were 
part-time. i have been fulltime since 98. my question is how can ups get away 
with using less senior people to do extra work. i work in the air 
district in louisville ky.they have a sunday sign up sheet for extra work 
every week but being a fulltime employee im not allowed to sign up for 
extra work.we have filed grevinace and lost no were in the contract do i 
find that i can't work. the company says the reason is there's not 8 
hours of work. like i said in the contract there's no language that we 
can find to support that statement.my question is can we win a grevince 
that could get us extra work.

How can BROWN get away with this??? 'Cuz they can. Most Locals won't fight for these issues. These have been issues for many contracts and language that would address this has been left out. A coincidence? Probably not.
i am a part-time ECS Clerk.  Beginning April 2005, I started 
experiencing pain in my body.  By May, 2005, i could no longer work 
and left UPS wsent straight to the hospital.  I did not file an 
on-the-job injury because i really didn't think it was related to work, it 
appeared to be female related.  To date, my doctor has diagnosed me with a 
bulging disc at the L2 spine, so far i have undergone one steroid 
injection and probably will need additional ones according to the doc.  My 
question is if i am able to return to work according to my doc, does UPS 
have a responsibility to offer me another position and how do I go 
about returning to work.  I spoke to my supervisor about 2 months ago and 
at that time the doc was going to allow me to return to work on light 
duty.  My supervisor informed me I could not return to work, I had to be 
all or nothing.  I now believe this ia work-related injury but I am not 
sure I have any recourse.  PLEAsE SEND ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!

Depending on your state, you can still file a workers'
compensation claim. Each state has its own limitation
on  these kind of claims. And expect UPS to fight it
and try to drag it out forever. A good attorney is the
one you need to talk to. 
About the job... If you were union talk to the
steward. If not, talk to your old boss. That being
said, expect harassment if you file a WC claim. It can
get pretty awful, the harassment. So you have to be a
certain type of individual to endure it.

I was a terminated for having an "avoidable roll away 
accident" (Art. 52 violation). I was an Art. 22.3 Combo-driver. I had been with 
the company for 13yrs. with a clean record(no warning letters, 
violations, or any previous accidents).  I had a local hearing, recently, after 
3 weeks unemployed, with the Union and Mgmt and even though I have an 
excellent record, my appeal was denied. Furthermore, I was told that I 
would have to attend a National panel meeting in another state, approx. 
7-9 hrs away, 3wks. from now and would have to get there at my own 
expense to reappeal.

My argument is that my job not only consisted of driving for 4hrs., but 
also working in the Hub for 4hrs. and I feel that with my clean record, 
I should at least be reinstated for 8hrs. of work in the Hub.  I have 
witnessed many other drivers get into serious injury accidents and 
property damage accidents and still get just a warning letter or suspension.  
This is even after having prior disciplinary actions on their records.  
There was minimal damage in my case and I wasn't even issued a citation 
by the police officer at the scene.

My immediate Mgmt. team wants me reinstated and think highly of me and 
my performance, but the District Labor Mgr. seems to have it out for 
any driver who has a roll-away due to the number of occurrences this 
year.  I just think that each occurrence and employee should be reviewed, 

If I am denied again at the panel, is there anything legally that I can 
do to get my job back.  I don't have to ever drive for the company 
again.  I just want to be employed so that I can provide for my family.  
Need advice. 

Roll-aways are a cardinal sin, meaning you can be
terminated. In their mind, it is just like you stole a
package. So it didn't matter if you "stole" while
driving or while in the hub. Again UPS mindset.
Roll-aways haven't been treated equally. Some drivers
get terminated some haven't been. Now the drivers who
were terminated have been winning their job back with
backpay by demonstrating that all drivers that had
roll-aways weren't fired. So it isn't really policy.
I suspect that regional want to make sure the policy
is uniformily applied. NO EXCEPTIONS THAT CAUSE MESSY

I'm a UPS driver in Georgia. UPS insurance through Central States does not pay for PAP smears,Mammograms,Birth control,or Hormone replacements.UPS will also refuse to work you if you become pregnant.Is there any laws to help out the small minority of women who are drivers?

Woman's health is not just an issue for woman employees, it's also an issue for every male employee that has a wife on UPS's insurance.
Let me assure you that, in other areas, PAPs and Mammograms and hormone replacement are being picked up by UPS's insurance. Other woman under Central States's Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) are being covered. So why not you? There is no quick and short answer.

UPS lost an EEOC case in 2002 in federal appeals court and the court mandated that UPS had to cover birth control pills for every woman. They were denying coverage to woman that were taking contraceptives for hormone problems. This EEOC case should have ended it right? No because NABER knows that in some parts of the country they cover THE PILL and others they don't.

But UPS is self-insured. They make the final decision on coverage. So why the discrepancy? Why treat employees covered under the same contract in different state differently? I don't know.  Why doesn't the union protect the benefits that they negotiate? Again, I can't tell you.

BROWN is going to continue to do what they can get away with. I guess that is the bottom line. When NABER found the court case about contraceptives and published it, We thought there would be a movement to get women's healthcare issues resolved. There was a collective yawn. Everyone, it seems, is afraid because of retaliation. If insurance covers men for cancer diagnostics, it would have to cover woman's diagnostics like PAP and mammograms. Many NABERs wrote to NOW (National Organization of Woman). Not even a response.  I guess they all feel we are just a whiney bunch of employees and retirees.

The true answer? It's gonna take a group of people to either individually or collectively file another EEOC complaint. They probably will end up losing their job for some BS charges brought against them. And the union may not even try to defend these "troublemakers". So when the August issue of a teamster rag, The Teamster Leader, has an article named "Holding UPS Accountable" I yawn and say "Yeah, right".

So the answer is yes there are laws that protect woman's healthcare rights.


I have just stumbled on to your site and I find it quite 
interesting. In 1996 I had a work related injury. After multiple surgeries 
it was deemed that I had permanent restrictions. Until that time my 
reviews were always excellent. When UPS found out that I could not 
supervise certain operations the heat was put on. I was teminated in 2003 and 
re-instated in 2004. I again was terminated in 2005. I am a full-time 
supervisor and have been with UPS for 27 years. I feel I was terminated 
because of my disability. Do you know of any other UPSers who won a 
battle like this in court. I have a lot of my own documentation of 
harrasment and of upper management changing my write-ups.

Management fudging numbers and write-ups... Who would have dreamed that was possible. And terminated for a work related injury... Shocking!!!
NABER has all the lawsuit victories (that we have found) listed on either the Harassment page or the Harassment archieve page

I was reading the section called ask Naber. I found a letter 
that I could have written. It’s the letter about a casual in local 294. 
I don’t know the driver, I don’t think we’re from the same building/ 
center because of the dates mentioned. I would appreciate it if you could 
forward my email address to that person along with this letter. This 
keeps their identity safe and if they want to contact me, its fine with 
me. I glad there’s someone else that appears to feel the same way I do. 

I was also a casual, hired in 1995, full time July 2004.
On teamster.net I put a post up hoping to bring casuals , part time 
cover drivers, together. Following is the link. Thanks, Rick 


This is a good discussion about the issues of casuals and cover drivers. Check it out.

While delievering a package to a residence I was attached 
and bitten in the lower left leg, causing 3 punture (teeth) wounds, 2 of 
them approx 1/4 to 1/2/ inch deep.The dog belonged to the owner of the 
residence and property. The lady (owner) came outside and tried to call 
her dog back but the dog went wild and didn't listen to her. Later she 
told me she told her son the dog was to wild and they needed to get rid 
of the dog. She also told me she normally has the dog tied up if she is 
expecting anyone since it is mean, but she wasn't expecting ups that 
day. I have been to the doctor every 2 days for treatment and have missed 
a week so far from work, which i used my week of vacation (my personal 
time) since you have to miss a week before workmans comp pays you.This 
is not laying up in bed with my leg proped up, on 3 medications for 
pain and invection, and stressed out for 10 days until I hear from animal 
control (who has the dog)to see if the dog has rabbies and will I have 
to face those painful shots. Do I have a lawsuit against the owners of 
the residence to at least reimburse me for my expense ( hours off work, 
medication -over the counter, bandages, etc..) and anything for the 
pain, stress and suffering.

I'm no lawyer, but it sounds like you have a valid case. Just be aware that UPS will want to be reimbursed for WC and medical bills because of the 3rd party liability. They even have gone after a widow's settlement. So you have to sue for your total loss.
i can't access my account on upsers.com,,,  i tried to re-register again and again.

I get emails a couple times a week about upsers.com. The site is not user friendly. My bank's website and my stock broker's website are both easier to get into than upsers.com. And forget about the questions for "Forgot your password".

If you have never visited the site, typically your user id is your work ID number located on your paycheck followed by your password which is the first 2 letters of your last name, the last 2 numbers of the year you were born ( ie "67" if you were born in 1967), and the last 2 of your Id number found on your check (same one as above).

The website for the HELP DESK is:

Did you make sure you selected a language when you tried to log in? You can have your identity and password correct but the website won't let you in unless you have selected a language.

Yes, they could let you log in and then ask language preference like most other websites, but then it wouldn't be UPS.

Who or what is "victims of UPS"??? I googled it and was unable 
to find anything:   Thanks

It's with much trepidation that I even mention V.O.U.  V.O.U. is, seemingly, one person in CA that posted on several UPS message boards, especially Teamster.net (1116 posts). Most of his postings were radical, extremist, and libelous in nature. At one point, he claimed NABER was a UPS management trick to get him. He later claimed to be part of NABER. Both statements are untrue. His posting of messages is greatly reduced in 2005.

how to do direct deposit?

Your supervisor or manager should be able to give you this form.


The 401k plan isn't on the UPS website. Click the link below https://teamsterups.csplans.com/portal/PortalLogin.jsp

Re: Brown Commercials
 I enjoyed the humorous take NABER offered for UPS commercials.
 "What can Brown do for you?" immediately struck me as an odd choice for a UPS slogan when the campaign began several years ago.
 Did it not occur to these ivory tower Madison Avenue types that "brown" is the common street name for Mexican heroin?
 What can brown do for me? Don't ask,..... but hey.... can you spare a ten-spot for a dime bag?

Let's not forget the reference to "Brown"  on Blue-Collar TV. "I made BROWN!!!"


I will spare you hours and hours of horrid details . There is 
a driver in Missouri , named Scott C. [name withheld] who has stood up in brown 
uniform at a Homeowners meeting and announced that he is a 'self-made 
millionaire' because he invented the UPS logo, and receives royalties 
every time someone signs for their package. He is 'off' this summer due to 
a fall at work , though some have sworn the day before his fall at work 
, he hurt his self while putting his boat in the lake . Meanwhile , my 
own 18yr.neighborhood route driver, continues to put in 10 hour days in 
the dog days of heat waves , while Mr. C.  harasses senior citizens 
in his community, all the while proudly {?}proclaming his relationship 
with UPS. This is his second 'accident' ''at work''. He previously 
claimed to have hurt both his knees after falling down the lunchroom steps 
at UPS while wearing his socks{?}and was off nearly 8 months, though was 
seen by everyone in community riding his wave runner on lake and 
walking gingerly, while once again 18 yr veterans put in overtime away from 
their famalies to carry his 'load'. Does UPS allow one of their 
employees to make these types of claims , and represent this reputable company 
and everyone of it's hardworking and honest employees who receive no 
recognition? What can be done to eliminate this type of abhorant behavior 
by a UPS employee? Authorities in Missouri do not seem concerned.

This is the kind of stuff 'urban legends" are about. Maybe you should email this to everyone you know and tell them to pass it on to everyone they know.
Actually UPS has had a number of logos. The latest one made its appearance in about April, 2003. The one before that was designed in 1961 by Paul Rand. (That's the one with the string.) UPS changed logos  because they don't allow string on packages and that the company wanted to show the world it's more than a mere package delivery company.
The new logo was designed by NY based FutureBrand.
As for the workers' comp fraud that you allege, call UPS. They would be interested. The legitimate injury victims don't mind UPS stopping actual fraud.
Isn't Missouri the "Show Me State"? You would think Missourians would know how to deal with B.S.

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