Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Division of Labor Standards EnforcementDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement
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This Club consists of  IBT Local 705 and 710 along with IAM Local 701 Hourly United Parcel Service employees eligible to Retire or Retired in the Chicagoland Area. We would like to see other chapters of this Club start up in other areas so we can communicate and exchange information, as Buster Brown is Renown. This Club was started by FEEDER DRIVERS, but open to all PACKAGE CAR DRIVERS, DOCK WORKERS, PORTERS, MECHANICS and CLERICAL WORKERS so long as they are or were Hourly Union Worker's when they Retired....... 
"Sorry No Management" as there is a limited need of supervision! 
"There is a GREAT LIFE after United Parcel Service" 
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Feeder Drivers throughout the United States & Canada
The Steward  for Human, civil and workers rights
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Must read books about United Parcel Service, "BROWN"
"The TighTesT Ship" a UPS EXPOSE, by C.L. Kane
EL DORADO Productions
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"The Big Brown Lie", by James R. Earls
RLM Publishing Co. 
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Product Recalls
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